Top Ten Indie Designers and Fashion Brands in 2021!

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Top Ten Indie Designers and Fashion Brands in 2021!

Fashion is an evolving industry, one-minute sweetheart necklines are in, and the following week, skinny jeans are in, and pink is the new black. With all the big fashion houses and retailers getting a say in what’s in and out, I thought it would be nice to point you in the direction of some indie fashion designers and clothing creators. Designers and seamstress come from Etsy and some from Instagram. They are all worth keeping an eye on.

1. Naomi Nikola

Naomi Nikola is a Filipina fashion artist. She created the fashion and lifestyle brand Omi Omi in 2019 after studying creative fashion at ESMODO Japan. The brand is based between Manila and Japan and is renowned for cutesy, pastel bright designs. Very typical of the anime aesthetic. However, just because the designs are bright, pastel, and flowy doesn’t mean they cannot pack a punch. For example, the Pink Taho Asymmetrical Skirt looks like a skirt someone is ready to fight in. It’s edgy, modern soft yet powerful.

2. Iman Akilah

Iman Akilah created the brand Clothing by Iman in 2014. The brand focuses on creating clothing that enables us curvy and busty women to embrace our size and figure than the norm. The designer works in Atlanta and prides herself in making in the USA and having a woman only team. The designs are sleek, modern, and suitable for any occasion, from a blouse for busy workdays to puff sleeve dresses that come in various colours and are great for casual wear or a party.

3. Stevie Edwards

Stevie Edwards is an up and coming star in the fashion industry. The production is from a unit in Chicago. However, whilst the branch might be small, the sky is the limit for this designer as he has gone on to design and style many famous faces such as Tiffany Haddish. Stevie has featured in Vogue and WWD.

4. Dashe

Da_she_ created DASHE, a clothing brand based in Austin, Texas and describes themselves as a maximalist clothing and accessory maker. The most recent release is the sweetheart collection, focusing on a red, baby pink, and silver colour scheme. Other clothes such as the 2020 capsule are extravagant, bright and involve monochromatic hues of colour in the designs. The fabric looks sophisticated and is something you should snap up as soon as you can!

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5. Candy catz

Candy Catz, AKA Mel Campbell, is a designer found on Etsy and is currently in Europe but hails from Brooklyn. The brand Candy catz is known for printed ‘Dreamwear’. The designs are futuristic and seem to belong in a psychedelic future. The design that caught my eye was the ‘Trippy costume’, which is a rainbow psychedelic bodysuit that would be perfect for a rave. Mel Campbell, the founder, states she bases her designs on nature (such as cats) and popular culture as they are ‘truly an honest geek for old movies and music and new video games.’

6. Blush fashion

Blush Fashion was founded in 2004 by Sheryll Raz Gold in Tel Aviv. The brand is known for making handcrafted, luxurious dresses, whether a wedding gown or a dress for a cocktail party. The team that makes the dresses are small and women only. Sheryll states that the design inspiration comes from ‘personal stories, various epochs in design history like vintage, antique, and art deco, from the dance world and fairy tales.’ You can find them on Etsy, and they will also accept custom orders.

7. Rollus1

Rollus1, AKA as Ben Parsons, makes Graphic Apparel and headwear. The designer is based in Whitstable, England. The designer mostly makes sweatshirts, Tanks and Tote Bags. The designs are simple, punchy and full of political messaging that many people would love, from the ‘Girls support girls’ design to more trendy universal designs such as ‘Death by a pizza’ or a ‘Neon tiger’ shirt. The designs are trendy, modern, sleek and fun (or political)

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8. Linen fairytales

A woman named Sofia created the line Linen Fairytales. The brand is based in Bulgaria, and they focus on creating clothing made from Linen. Which, you’d think, would only be able to make shirts and the occasional dress. However, Linen Fairytales has managed to make a variety of clothing styles from Pyjamas to Jumpsuits! They have it all. The designs themselves are simplistic with just one block colour. Yet, that doesn’t stop them from wowing. The simplicity enables the clothes to be worn anywhere and better mixing and matching of accessories!

9. ColourmeBabyClothing

Colour Me Baby are for the parents who want their babies to wear more than a boring dinosaur t-shirt (not that dinosaurs are boring, but they are overdone.) the brand primarily focuses on designing kids and baby clothing. Still, it does have some stuff for adults and furniture. The designs are bold, bright and colourful. They are mainly using tie-dye to create gorgeous multicoloured clothing that is stylish, fun and comfortable.

10. RoobyLane

RoobyLane (or just Rooby) is a seamstress based in Portsmouth in the UK. She makes all sorts of clothes from skirts, scarves, dresses and accessories. The UK based creator describes their business as ‘Quirky clothes from the UK’ and bases their designs on pop culture. As well as literature (both vintage and modern) designs have been based on Alice in Wonderland to Charles Dickens. The clothing is fun and creative.

These ten designers and textile makers are creators you should check out the next time you need to refresh the wardrobe.

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