Does Stamped Eyeliner Truly Work? Or Is It A Gimmick?

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Does Stamped Eyeliner Truly Work? Or Is It A Gimmick?

People who love makeup typically love eyeliner. The only problem is it’s a pain to apply! You can never get the wing to flick at the right length! And then making it match on the other side results in these annoying panda eyes we never wanted.

The problems of applying eyeliner always put people off. To fix it, people created the eyeliner stamp. The most notable one is the quick flick.

Three years since they became famous, are they worth it? Or did the eyeliner stamps become a gimmicky mess that made everything worse?

Why use a Quick Flick instead of normal eyeliner?

As I said in the intro, the eyeliner stamp is meant to make it easier to get a symmetrical wing on both eyes.

Many have also stated that people with motor neuron disease and other disabilities would be able to create amazing eyeliner looks like everyone else without worrying about a shaky hand or pain.

Plus, because it makes it easier for symmetrical eyeliner application, it would be a good tool for beginners to get a wing shape easily. And learn to connect it to the lash line in a form and size that fits their eye shape.

How does it work?

If you’ve seen the ads, you would assume that you line the stamp up with the eye. And then connect the wing to the lash line with the eyeliner brush on the other side.

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The reality of the Quick Flick

Quite obviously, the reality is much different to how it is advertised. The first thing you need to know is that it is a waterproof formula. So you’ll need more than soap and water to clean it off, which is where I recommend double cleansing with micellar water, cleansing balm or coconut oil. But then, if you are an experienced makeup user, you already know that.

If you are putting it on a bare face, you’ll need to cover it with concealer and then set it with powder to help clean it off later when finished too!

Another assumption you might have is that you only get one eyeliner pen, and it’s only one size. Which if you’ve got hooded eyes and it’s gigantic would’ve been a massive problem. The good news is that you get two pens in a pack and it comes in three sizes and colours.

Petit- small size, 8mm long and 3mm wide at its thickest

Modest- Medium, 10mm long and 4mm thick according to the website its the most popular size

grand - The largest size (the one I own), 12mm long and 5mm wide

To the point- According to the Quick Flick, this is a more modern wing as it’s straighter and pointier than the typical curved structure they use. It is 10mm long and 2mm in density.

The three colours are Intense Black, Fudge Brown and a limited edition Green Envy. Now I ordered the Intense Black, so I’ll talk about that one. It is a very intense and opaque black, and the stamp places it well on the skin.

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Is it easy to use?

Whilst it’s good to know the specifications and what’s available, that’s not why you are reading this article. You want to see if it works and to do that I have to explain some things.

The first is that there are two different sides on the two pens, one with the stamp and then the brush. The stamp is marked for which eye it is used in by L and R., Making it easily identifiable. However, it might be better if they raised the letters or added braille for people who have visual impairments.

I also found the caps for the stamps on both pens very hard to grip and take off the pen. This will be challenging for those who can’t grip well, have nerve trouble and carpal hand trouble. And that’s just naming a few off the top of my head.

Eyeliner and a Learning curve

The other thing is the placement of the stamp. I received a tip to place the bottom of the stamp at the end of my lash line, which is fine. Then you have to replicate it on the other eye at the same angle, which can be a nightmare! I still haven’t mastered it. But even if it’s at the wrong angle, it can still look passable.

However, getting it at the right angle takes about as much time as learning your regular liner; however, the results are sweeter in the sense of the wing looking the same shape.

The next thing is getting the line to connect in the exact shape of the other eyelid. This is also tricky, and if the person suffers from shaky hands will still struggle with getting the eyeliner right.

Overall, an eyeliner stamp, whilst it won’t wholly revolutionise your eyeliner, offers an excellent alternative for those of us wanting wings. However, it will never replace a traditional method. Next, we need a proper full-on stamp for the eyes to eradicate every problem!

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