Top Ten Beauty Youtubers to be Subscribed to in 2021!

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Top Ten Beauty Youtubers to be Subscribed to in 2021!

YouTube has a lot of content, especially in the beauty community. It can be hard to know which ones are worth watching, especially as there are only twenty-four hours in a day. Today, I will provide you with ten people worth being subscribed to in 2021 to make that decision easier!

1. Miss Darcei

Due to its simplicity and natural look, Miss Darcei (also known as Darcei) is well known for her love of Korean makeup. The beauty YouTuber rose to fame after her video 'Black girl tries Korean beauty.' which has now become a series involving many cultures and other types of makeup.

It's fun watching Darcei attempt the different styles, especially as she's an average person, so the results are more attainable, plus we see something different from the pretty white girl in these styles. Also, Darcei singing about her little brow is and always will be funny.

2. Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian shot to Youtube fame last year with her makeup and dark history or crime videos. At the time, makeup content on Youtube was 'Get Ready with mes' 'Testing TikTok trends' and reviews. This is great because it helps consumers find products they like.

However, Bailey's videos where she creates a look and talks about a crime or supernatural stuff made a fantastic storytime element to the content and freshened up what was becoming stale. Whilst she wasn't the only person doing this to my mind, she was one of the first people. It's great content as we can put it on in the background as we get reads, and it feels like we're talking to a friend as we're putting our makeup on.

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3. Robert Welsh

Robert Welsh is a professional makeup artist who started uploading to youtube in 2018. He has diverse content from haunted stories to commenting on other YouTubers makeup. He provides professional advice and doesn't oversell the standards like other makeup people do on youtube. He's always honest, and that goes a long way.

On top of that, he has dispelled many tips we have taken from YouTubers and shown the proper ways the makeup should be applied as in his words 'there are no rules to creativity.

But makeup has a theory.' The channel can always be counted on for professional, high-quality tips and horror stories

4. Wayne Goss

Wayne is another professional makeup artist that uploads to the beauty side of YouTube. He is known for short informative videos that dispel any misconceptions created by the beauty gurus.

He doesn't have lengthy introductions and gets right into it, and is brutally honest. Whenever he dispels a trend created by a beauty YouTuber, he always gets close up and does a side by side demonstration or entirely goes for it.

5. Mikaela Long

If anyone remembers dearly departed Vine, then you probably recognise the name in fifth place before YouTube Mikeala was popular on Vine until Twitter decided to drop its croissant and kill the platform.

However, since then, she's become a YouTuber who isn't necessarily a 'beauty Guru' but does talk about makeup a lot. She is known for her love of Kylie lip kits (especially the glosses). She also has other content, such as celebrating her birthday and other vlogs. She's funny, especially with her best mate D. Her aura is the wholesome girl next door everybody loves. The content is relatable, honest, and something I think the average person would like!

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6. Nyma Tang

Nyma has been uploading beauty content to Youtube for four years now. She is known for tutorials and testing out makeup like spray powder. Because she is black and her undertones are very dark, she has to have the darkest shade possible in any range, and so she has blown up for 'Trying the darkest shade' in every release.

Because the beauty industry wasn't inclusive and didn't have many shades back in the day, Nyma talks a lot about brands expanding their shade ranges. She has even started a collaboration with Dose of Colours which has a Nude Lip set releasing soon.

7. Tina Yong

Tina Yong has created content for nine years. As a beauty guru on Youtube, her content for the genre is diverse. From tutorials to testing out viral TikTok hacks. Tina has it all!

She came up on my recommended page when she tested many face masks and products like a magic sponge. Many people are subscribed to her because she isn't overdramatic and is more relaxing than the average beauty YouTuber.

8. Beauty News

Two women from Australia run Beauty News. They are known as Kat and Hailey. Initially, the channel was dedicated to vlogs and reviews of makeup. However, they then created a series called 'The Makeup Breakup'.

They depot an item and then weigh the net product and the packaging to see if the net weight is accurate to what the consumer pays for in reality. The Makeup Breakup videos are fun, informative and as scientifically precise as possible. It's a great series as consumers can find out whether a product is worth their money or if they can miss out on a purchase.

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9. Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is one of the OG beauty gurus made famous by her Lady Gaga makeup tutorial in 2009. She became a household name in the beauty community. After taking a break in 2014, she is back!

Michelle brings a calm and minimalist style to her videos with concise and simple instructions. Michelle is all about embracing and enhancing what is already there. It's a breath of fresh air for a community so riddled with 'Dramageddons' and toxicity! It's great having someone back from the beginning.

10. Youkeyy

Yuki is known for dramatic and vibrant looks and has uploaded consistently to YouTube for five years now. Much like Tina Yong, she presents her information in a calm and easy to understand way.

Her looks, whilst dramatic, are simple in terms of creation. She provides makeup tips, but she also includes lifestyle advice and motivation when needed, which gives her channel very positive and uplifting vibes.

I hope you've found some beauty Youtubers that will save you money or provide you with great looks and the motivation to put some eyeliner on in the morning!

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