Six Inventive Tips and Tricks to Improve Storage Space!

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Six Inventive Tips and Tricks to Improve Storage Space!

When we look at architecture design in recent years, we can all agree that homes are getting smaller with tiny hallways. Add in rising house prices, and the most space anybody ever has unless their a boomer is one square foot of space. Which is a nightmare getting all our stuff in tidily. With this lack of area becoming an increasing issue, we are all looking for inventive and hidden ways to create storage space for our belongings.

With that in mind, I’m giving you some ideas for easy and accessible storage ideas that won’t make you pull your hair out!

1. Store it under the furniture

Immediately after that subheading, you are thinking, ‘Oh great. This dummy wants me to put my precious nicknacks under the bed!’ And to that, I say, ‘I am not ten and trying to clean my room like a child in a sitcom.’ And my next point would be that under things like sofas and beds, they can be built with storage space at the base, which slides out, or you lift the bed to reveal.

This is great for several reasons.

The first is that the storage space is pretty deep to hide a lot under the furniture. Plus, because it’s in the furniture, it doesn’t take up any extra space and will fit in your house with no dramas!

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The third plus is that it adds some height from the base of your furniture. So it makes the sofa and bed higher. Meaning there’s less of a drop when you sit or lay down. This saves your knees from exerting extra pressure, and if you get hip, knee or joint trouble, the extra height helps with mobility getting up and down from certain places!

2. Flatpack clothing

I feel this one will be unpopular. However, we’ve all seen those ads with the flatpack plastic wallet things that are airtight. And when you take the air pressure out are flat and don’t take up a lot of space. You could fold clothes in them, place them on racks or shelves, and place the flat-packed garments in the wardrobe in the flatpack plastic bags.

Another option you could use is to decorate a space with hooks and open shelves to create a dropzone situation. If you want the area to be even more organised, add some baskets to store objects or make it more personalised. Plus, it is excellent if more than one person is living at home as you can make sure no one touches stuff they are not meant to!

3. Get rid of stuff you don’t need

Listen, I know you were hoping to save all of your furniture. However, I’ve got to bring you back to reality and tell you to get rid of stuff you don’t need or have unwarranted multiples of clothing or furniture. It will help you to pare down on items and make finding new storage spaces much more effortless.

4. Don’t ignore the nooks and crannies

In small spaces finding somewhere decent to put your stuff is hard to come by! One way to reduce the nightmare is not to be terrified of the nooks and crannies but utilise them. If you’ve got space in a corner somewhere, fit some shelves. Got a space on a kitchen counter? Then add a rack or a box and put stuff in it. When it comes to storage space for tiny homes, we can’t be picky! Take whatever space you can.

5. Verticle space is now a friend

Usually, when you think about storage space, you think of shelves and racks to help. But those shelves and racks might not be enough or will take up room. To combat this lack of storage, vertical spaces in the home are suddenly going to be helpful. What I mean by that is to add storage space to small items to the back of doors. This is called behind the door storage and is great for smaller items you want to keep organised and off the floor. I wouldn’t recommend heavier items as a door has to handle the weight-bearing, and it will break!

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6. Use the windows

Now we’ve all seen the posh kitchens in the movies that use the window space as a place to hold saucepans and other utensils. We all think it looks weird and that no average person does this. However, when looking for storage space and there is nowhere else, using the window space as extra storage seems like a great idea! Put a shelf in front of the window and place whatever works on the space.

And it doesn’t have to be the kitchen only. You can do this in any space in the house.

Those were my tips for better storage space. I know some of them were weird and out of the box, but sometimes they are the ideas that work!

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