Wer8™️ Music Review: Joel Corry x Mabel I Wish

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Wer8™️ Music Review: Joel Corry x Mabel I Wish  link to www.wer8.stream
Wer8™️ Music Review: Joel Corry x Mabel I Wish

On the 29th of October, Joel Corry released a new track to the clubbing scene. The new track named ‘I wish’ collaborated with another well-known name on the electronic/dance music scene called Mabel. Would ‘I WIsh’ transport me back to my days of clubbing and wild parties, or would I be dreaming that the track would end early?

Before the lyrics

The first thing you hear is Mabel saying ‘do’ to the song’s beat along with this very high pitched whistle (which is repeated after the chorus). Now in modern music, whenever an artist sings ‘naa ‘la’ or ‘do’ in a song to hide the fact they couldn’t create any decent lyrics and don’t do anything inventive with it and leave it bare as an exquisite lesson into the lazy filler. I get annoyed. I feel like it’s the poet in me that screams to do something intentional with the space. (Yes, I am very aware that being a poet and songwriter are similar but are a very different work medium. But that won’t stop me!)

And is it filler admittedly, yes. I won’t lie about that. However, it does something different! In that, it adds something to the song. Unlike other bits of filler, it matches the beat of the music and whistle and helps maintain that beat of the song. Which in dance music are the key to it being successful, and I don’t think the song would sound as catchy without it.

Also, I’ve got to take into consideration this is a dance track. Like I said in the Crave review, it’s meant to be simple and carry the beat as it’s made to be danced to (or something similar) like don’t get wrong lyrics, and a simple story is good, but it doesn’t necessarily need anything fancy.

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Lyrics (first verse)

Okay, that’s the bit about the song’s beat mostly over; let’s move on to the lyrics and see what I can glean storywise.

I wish I wish I could hear you say my name. I wish I wish we could do it all again I wish I wish I didn't have myself to blame. It's you I miss, yeah

Okay, not much to gleam storywise its primarily the singer looking back and wishing they didn’t ruin the relationship. Simple premise, simple to understand. Good so far at the moment. It’s the music beat keeping me hooked and the repetition, but it’s the lower half of the second verse and chorus that properly kicks me into gear in caring properly for the content.

Second verse

Cause when I look back at us, I know we almost had it, oh But the time wasn't right, I should've loved you more. But there's no going back Still, I need you to know that I'm not who I was before, no

I know I said the second half of the second verse, and the chorus makes me care for the song. But I still have to say something about the second verse as a whole. Ultimately this is where the beat starts to speed up and prepare the listener for the epic bass drop that appears in this genre of song every time (if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!) Then we get the ‘But there’s no going back’ line. And the lyrics sound fuller, and it sounds like Mabel goes up a note a while with ease, adding this excellent projection to the track. Then it’s silent for a second, and the beat kicks in again, and we’re on to the third verse.

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I think of you every day, every night. You said you needed space and you needed time. And I want you to know what I did wasn't right. Wish I could change your mind I wish, I wish

I like the repetition of every day, every night. It’s simple and speeds the beat up, but it sounds perfect to the ear. I rewound the track a couple of times just to rehear that moment. On top of that, the harmonisation with Mabel created by overlays of her voice. Or maybe some backing singers? Adds to the weight of the lyrics with the ‘you needed space, you needed time.’ Listening to the chorus is addicting, and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I may have visualised being in the middle of a rave again.


It's not much I'm asking, baby (Not much.) What I gotta do for you to believe me? If a second chance sounds crazy Then I don't know how I'm gonna be

Initially, I wasn’t going to comment on the bridge, feeling like there wasn’t much to say. However, the music slows down, which is rare for a dance track, heightening the pleading lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, it’s easily overlooked with the chorus and all the other things going on in the song, but I feel like it would be criminal if I forgot this when the music is being experimental with rhythm and the tone of slow-paced piano in a dance piece.

Then the song repeats the chorus, and I don’t need to talk about how much I enjoy it; I said it two paragraphs ago!

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Final ranking

Ultimately the lyrics are simple, but as a dance/electronic track that you’d hear in a nightclub, ‘I wish’ does everything right! Even with the do’s heard throughout the song. And it pains me to type this because I know how this looks, but I’m awarding I wish four stars out of five.

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