Kylie Cosmetics x Nightmare on Elm Street is a Disappointment!

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Kylie Cosmetics x Nightmare on Elm Street is a Disappointment! link to
Kylie Cosmetics x Nightmare on Elm Street is a Disappointment!

Kylie Cosmetics has been around since 2014. And it doesn’t have a good reputation with customer service problems and lipstick vials being half-filled or empty once customers receive them. Hearing about these issues put me off ordering from the brand for the past few years.

Until Kylie Cosmetics released a Nightmare on Elm street palette for Halloween and the love I have for that franchise superseded my worries about ordering from the company.

So I will give you a first impression of Kylie Cosmetics and the Nightmare on Elm Street palette. And answer whether Kylie Cosmetics is still a disappointment seven years later.

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How was the delivery?

When Kylie Cosmetics was on the scene back in the day, you’d have tons of videos saying how they didn’t turn up, and people lost money. It would be on all those Fenty vs Kylie cosmetic videos.

Was I terrified my order wasn’t going to turn up? Yes. Was I proven wrong? Yes. However, when my UPS delivery was late, I started to worry.

So first impressions in terms of delivery are pretty good. Even then, this was a problem with UPS, not the actual company.

But did the makeup deliver?

The first thing I want to talk about is the Kylie Cosmetics lip lacquers. The pack came in three colours, ‘Never sleep again’, which looks like a deep red but is more orangey-red.

‘Only a dream is a nude pink (at least on my lips), and I can see the inspiration from Nancy’s pink jumper in the first movies.

And ‘Elm street’ looks like a cold toned bright red, which certainly looks like that on my lips. This is my favourite one in the pack. However, I’m looking at these shades, and although Never sleep again and Elm street would be great for most skin tones. For many people that have dark black skin. (For reference for someone with as deep a skin tone as Nyma Tang) These might not be dark enough to be accessible for everyone, and in the 21st century, I don’t think that’s on.

The formula of the lacquers is an opaque gloss which I was expecting. It has a very sticky formula that will feel weird and heavy if you are not used to it; however, the more you try it, the more you’ll get used to the heavy-ness, so it’s not a problem but worth noting!

The lipstick wand is flat and flexible, and easy to use. It spread the formula over my lips, was very comfortable, and preferred it over other lipstick and gloss to be used today.

I will point out that if you end up getting the lacquers that because they are a gloss, they will quickly spread around the face and be demolished by food and drink, so maybe put it on after you’ve eaten on a night out or be prepared to keep reapplying it.

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Now on to the palette

The packaging feels nice and is unique, and fits the theme. It uses the red and green striped pattern of Freddy’s jumper, and the palette feels excellent. And the lip lacquers didn’t look half full, so that’s another worry stopped in its tracks.

Eyeshadow shades

Face Your Fears- Matte Cream/white

Elm Street- Glittery nude

Alive But Dead- Light brown nude matte

I’ll Be your Nightmare- Brown glitter

Stay up late- Pink glitter

He’s coming- peach matte

Come To Freddy- Dark pink glitter

Dream Demon- Dark pink almost red matte

Don’t fall asleep- Cool toned pink

Springwood High- Light pink glitter

Bad Dream- Dark rose/red matte

Gonna Get You- Dark green matte

Upon first look, I was excited to use some shades like Bad Dream, Dream Demon, and Come to Freddy.

They were bright colours that I could see a lot of potential looks being created. The neutrals/nude shades were dull. In fact, at first, I couldn’t see the point because what on earth were those shades doing in a Halloween palette! However, the more I thought about it, I could understand why Kylie Cosmetics chose the neutral and pink shades. They look like the multiple shades of Freddy’s burned skin and scars, which are primarily pink.

But whilst I can see the significance of those shades in that way. I also feel like they were scared the palette would bomb, so they put the neutrals in for safety.

This is disappointing as it’s a Halloween based palette. You’d want them to go into less safe colours. For example, you have Freddy’s boiler room. Why no fiery oranges and browns?

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Let’s take another horror icon, for example, Micheal Myers/Shape. I’d go for a white colour and then some dark blues and oranges. It’s not that difficult to get creative with the colour options!

Now, if you thought this first impression was negative, wait till I tell you about the application.

Eyeshadow performance

The neutral shades work better as a base for me because they don’t show up on my skin tone due to the golden or yellow undertones. I didn’t test them out further than that as if I used them any other way, they would blend into nothingness and need a lot of building up, which considering there were better colours in the palette, I didn’t bother trying any harder.

The colours I used were Gonna Get You, Don’t Fall Asleep, Come to Freddy, Dream Demon and Bad Dream.

Now Gonna Get you looks like dark green, and when you apply and blend it to the eye, it becomes a chalky charcoal black which is intimidating if you are the average eyeshadow user. It’s the same with Don’t Fall Asleep. It looks like dusty pink, and then you apply and blend, and it becomes this grey colour.

Dream Demon, Come to Freddy, and Bad Dream represents the colours as they appear in the palette and would be a lot more fun to use if they were easier to blend and move about the eye.

And that’s the main letdown with this palette, building up a shade I don’t mind doing because you have more control, but the blending is tough, so much so that my wrists were starting to ache. Come to Freddy is a tightly pressed glitter, which is difficult to get any colour payoff. I had to dig very hard into the palette, which hurt my wrist! However, once it was on there, it made my eye look which was going wrong work.

Final opinion

Would I use it again? No? Do I see a point in the palette? No, especially as Freddy isn’t a makeup icon, and if you wanted a horror icon for a palette, use Tiffany from Chucky. While the Lip Lacquers are brilliant, the pressed shadow palette is terrible when you consider easier ones with similar colours.

Ultimately it’s been seven years, and Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes are still a gigantic disappointment!

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