Hooded Eyes: Makeup Tricks and Tips To Make The Most of Your Looks!

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Hooded Eyes: Makeup Tricks and Tips To Make The Most of Your Looks!

There is a multitude of eye shapes in the world. There’s the almond eye shape and the monolid. One of the most demanding eyes shapes to create a look for is the hooded eye shape. It’s a small space; many people feel they can’t be creative or do anything decent with their eye shape.

To make your hooded eye stresses disappear, I will give you tips to make the most out of your eye looks.

Why do you need to know your eye shape?

It’s good to know your eye shape. It lets you see where the crease is and how eyeshadow and eyeliner look when the eyelids are normal. You don’t need to know the name of it necessarily. As long as you can tell the shape, it’ll do.

Why are hooded eyes complicated?

Hooded eyes are one of the more complex eye shapes. The eyelid folds in on itself when the eyes are open. The excess skin and crease cover up the design on the eyelid. Sometimes to the point where you can’t see it.

Add in the fact the eyelid space is small, and it makes it difficult to make a fun and intricate look when it gets covered up, and there isn’t much space.

On top of that, it all gets covered up. It can be challenging to know where to place eyeliner too.

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Hooded eyes and Eyeshadow placement

If you want to put some eye shadow on the eyes, whether for a glam look or a natural appearance, you will need to put colours on the outer of the eye above the crease.

Another thing you’ll utilise with the eye looks is using cut creases and halo creases. The eyelid doesn’t have enough room to make as cool as eye look as those with bigger space, so you’ll have to cut out certain areas or use fewer colours.

Now many people have just read that paragraph and gone, ‘How is a cut crease possible with a hooded eye?’

My response is that you can create a cut or halo crease. However, unlike people with more oversized eyelid shapes, it’ll be smaller and won’t touch the crease as it’ll get covered up. All you have to do is keep the concealer/ cut crease focused on the inner corner to the middle of the eyelid that is typically seen.

In short, you want to focus around the eye if you have a hooded shape. As I said, anything that would typically go where the crease is, goes above/ is blended out above it. If you place it on the outer corner, you don’t have to worry about that! But if you want the eyeshadow blend to line up or make a more rounded shape, or you want people to see the outer corner, you most likely want to.

Eyeliner placement

For many, the other struggle with hooded eyeliner is where to put the wing. Because of how the crease works, it can break the connection part of the wing to the lash line. And make it look weird.

On top of that connection problem, sometimes the line is so thick that it covers up the eyelid’s look anyway! And then you add in the issues everyone has with eyeliner: the wings being symmetrical and trying not to get panda eyes, and it feels like you can’t win!

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So how do you go about getting good eyeliner?

I want to point out that I can’t teach you this from a blog post. You will still have to rely on some trial and error. That doesn’t mean I can’t help.

The first thing I would recommend is to extend the wing past the crease. Because if you do a little flick and it’s where the crease is, it will be covered up. And the flick being covered up will be a mockery of the stress of getting everything symmetrical.

Now that’s the wing sorted—time to tackle the connecting line on the eyelid. There are several ways we can stop this from being a nightmare.

Outer corner

The first way is by focusing only on the outer corner of the eyelid as you create the wing. But never have to make those connecting lines. Enabling for a striking eyeliner without covering up the look.

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Instead of connecting the wing to the eyelid like everyone else, you could line the upper waterline instead. It’ll give you a thin line to follow and stop you from covering up your look from a thick line.

Suppose you want to do a smokey eye look but are terrified because of your hooded eyes. You can always invert the eyeliner to the lower lash line and then blend that out!

Whilst hooded eyes may seem like a curse; there are many ways to adapt makeup to create intricate and stunning looks! And that’s what makeup is all about—adjusting makeup for your face and style!

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