Vegan Makeup: The Benefits of the Formula and Why it is Popular!

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Vegan Makeup: The Benefits of the Formula and Why it is Popular!

We all enjoy putting a bit of makeup on. Whether it be a glam night out or for the office, putting on that layer of lipstick of extravagant eyeliner is a way of life. With how much we love it, there are always innovations, one of them being vegan makeup.

So, what makes vegan makeup better than makeup that isn’t? Why do people use it?

First off, although vegan makeup is all the rage right now, many people might not know what vegan makeup is. Ultimately vegan beauty products are makeup and skincare made without animals and animal by-products like beeswax.


Because vegan makeup uses naturally occurring ingredients and doesn’t take things like beeswax so doesn’t add to the waste of resources and saves on a carbon footprint through not using animals for products. On top of that, when you usually get a vegan product, it comes in recyclable packaging, increasing its good for the environment. And if you go to places like Lush, they’ll give you reusable packaging. Helping you reuse and recycle. Assisting the environment better than regular makeup ever could!

Better for skin

Non-vegan beauty and skincare products use chemicals to mix products and have hidden stuff that you won’t necessarily notice. Such as Gluten which can be harmful if you have a Gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. These hidden horrors can damage the skin, cause extra breakouts, and cause unnecessary steps to counter the problem.

Vegan beauty products and skincare can stop these breakouts and damage to the skin from happening, making it better for your body/skin.
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Some vegan products can have multiple uses.

If you’ve already bought a liquid lipstick (that isn’t vegan.) Then you know that you can’t repurpose that lipstick for another area of the face, i.e., eyeliner/ eyeshadow. However, you can repurpose that liquid lipstick and use it as an eyeliner with vegan makeup because it has no harmful chemicals. Ultimately it saves you extra money having to fork out for different products like coloured eyeliner.

Growing in variety

Once Upon a time, vegan makeup and skincare products were difficult to get a hold of and find. However, as more and more people have become vegan, the need for makeup that matches that lifestyle has grown in popularity and become more widespread and readily available.

Meaning there is a range of colours, textures and shades for everyone. With the wider variety, you can find whatever you need to suit your beauty needs.

This also makes it more accessible and easier to find. Such as a beauty counter or a supermarket. You are saving your time and money.

However, with all these positives, why are some people still hesitant to buy vegan beauty products?

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If it is so good, why doesn’t everyone buy it?

The reason is due to the cost. Because of how vegan makeup is made, it costs more, raising the makeup price in stores. For many, the expense of the products outweighs the good because they simply can’t afford it. For example, a regular foundation may cost between twenty and thirty pounds whereas a vegan one can cost forty-five pounds. It’s a hefty increase!

What to look out for when buying vegan beauty products.

Now, if you’ve read the above and are ready to dip into buying some vegan products are probably thinking.

‘Well, how do I know the difference between a traditional palette and a vegan one?’

The first thing to look for on the packaging is the words ‘vegan makeup,’ or a symbol representing that it’s vegan. Now for every country, that logo might look different. If you are in the UK, it’ll have a rabbit either jumping or something similar. Another symbol that could be on the palette is an abstract dandelion. Again it depends on the country and packaging laws.

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Cruelty-free symbol

Another symbol to look out for ( at least in the UK). It is a rabbit head with pink inner ears with a red circle and line over it. That’s the sign showing the makeup product hasn’t been tested on animals.

I must let you know about the animal cruelty logo because although the makeup can be made as a vegan formula, many brands still test that makeup on animals. Which considering its a vegan palette that vegans will use is a bit tasteless.

I realise that if your reading this and taking the plunge into this formula of makeup, you might not care for the animal cruelty part, but I just thought it would be good to note.

Ultimately, many people are growing to love vegan makeup because of its many benefits, from less harm to the skin to how it helps the environment.

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