The Forgotten Health Benefits of Tea!

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The Forgotten Health Benefits of Tea!

Tea. It’s the drink brits love, Americans try to emulate, and people like to spill to get their fill of gossip and lies. Whilst it might seem like an unhealthy drink, you can change it with honey, sugar or milk (cream if your American.) Tea (and the many variations of English Breakfast and Earl Grey.) Have many health benefits.

Today I’m going to give you the low down on some of the different teas and their benefits so you can keep drinking them guilt-free.

Just a note

The amount of time the leaves in your tea have been processed can change how beneficial they are. On top of that, the plant that creates the tea can affect this- Hence, green tea affects your health more strongly than black tea.

Tea has less caffeine

Tea is known to have less caffeine than coffee. Black teas and other traditional ones have less than 50% caffeine, and herbal blends have none. Having less caffeine can cause fewer headaches and fevers. On top of that, it can improve the effects of insomnia (although not cure it.) On top of that, it can also lessen your anxiety,

Certain teas can help the immune system.

Holy Basil and Tusi blends of drink are known for helping boost the immune system by turning up the cells to reach the areas they are needed to quickly. Which can make a recovery from illnesses be much quicker and reduce the number of infections you get thanks to the anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of these blends.

They help with your teeth.

You wouldn’t expect any blend of tea to help you with your smile. Let’s be honest. We all assume it stains our teeth just as much as coffee does. It turns out we are all wrong with that stereotype! The opposite happens as tea changes the PH levels in your mouth. According to researchers, it can help reduce cavities and doesn’t erode enamel either, which means fewer trips to the dentist and less money spent for appointments.

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Black tea and inflammation

The typical blend Camellia sinensis plant is the same as the Green kind! However, the leaves are dried and fermented. Now black tea does have some caffeine in it. But we do benefit from these things known as flavonoids which combat inflammation. You could steam and then cool it to put it on minor cuts and bruises to reduce swelling. Heck, you can get in a bath of the stuff to ease inflammation from rashes and other skin conditions.

Peppermint for the bowel

To the people that suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and constipation. Guess what you’ve found something that can ease those troubles. The methanol in the flavour makes this flavour of our favourite warm drink great for soothing upset stomachs and can help reduce the problems associated with constipation and IBS. And it can relieve migraines and headaches too! This means fewer days ruined by your bowls and no need to avoid the light or computer when your head plays up!

Herbal tea

One of the most beneficial flavours of tea besides Green is the Herbal ones. The Herbal blends, due to being made from herbs and fruits, have zero caffeine in. Which helps lower the effects of caffeine overdose. There are many different types of these flavours.

For example, Chamomile can help reduce menstrual pain and muscle spasms and reduce stress due to its relaxing nature.

Then there’s Ginger that fights morning sickness and is stated to be great for chronic indigestion. I also recommend mixing it with Honey or Lemon when you have flu as it helps clear the airways such as your nose, which are blocked and will soothe the throat. Imagine a liquid Strepsil!

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The types to avoid.

However, there are some types you should still avoid, even with the benefits!

Any flavour you are allergic to as it can be deadly!

The diet tea’s and detox ones should be avoided at all costs as they are made for fad diets and are laced with tons of laxatives that are harmful to your bowel if overdosed on and is harmful to your health overall.

Trendy bubble ones should be drunk less. Yes, I know the tapioca pearls are life, but they have an excess amount of sugar and lots of calories and carbs that have no nutritional value.

And finally, the ones from your favourite chains should be drunk minimally due to the excess sugar.

When you see the benefits, tea is one of the healthiest warm drinks out there. Maybe we can make a case for drinking three a week or letting cups go cold now. Or perhaps this is the kick you need to switch from Earl Gray to Herbal. Give it a try!

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