Wer8™️ Music Review: Post Malone x The Weekend ‘One Right Now’

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Wer8™️ Music Review: Post Malone x The Weekend ‘One Right Now’ Link to www.wer8.stream
Wer8™️ Music Review: Post Malone x The Weekend ‘One Right Now’

The last time I listened to a Post Malone song was when Sunflower came out. When the rapper released a new track in collaboration with The Weekend, called ‘One Right Now,’ I was sort of aware of what I was in for but couldn’t be sure.

The song’s beat starts strong, and whilst the na na comes back, I don’t care for that as much. It sounds alright, but the song’s beat is better than those na na’s. The music is intense and instantly catchy with the launchpad that creates the drumbeat.


Said you love me, but I don't care that I broke my hand on the same wall that you told me that he f***** you on. (Oh) you think it's so easy f****' with my feelings I got one comin' over and one right now (Uh) one right now (One right now, one right now, oh) I got one comin' over and one right now.

I know this says chorus. However, before the song gets into the verses, it starts with the chorus instead. I think this begins in the song’s favour as it’s the part that hooks you in for several reasons.

The first is that it has the highest amount of storytelling in the song. So we are immediately grounded into what’s happening with the music and makes it make sense.

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As expected, The Weekend’s voice is easily recognisable with the high pitched lyricism, which is very easy to understand for most of the song. However, that’s until you get to the bit with the chorus where you hear. ‘That I broke my hand on the same wall that you told me he f**** you on.’ as the rhythm gets faster, and so does the speed at which he sings the line. Because it’s so high pitched, you can’t hear the words correctly, and so you’re not entirely sure what’s going on in the song because of it. So during the chorus, you are vibing to it but confused. Like someone explaining a math problem for the thirtieth time and till not getting anywhere!

I even know what is being said in the line because I research the lyrics. However, I still enjoyed it, and the other verses still work at making a breakup song.

Verse One

Said you wanna have my babies I f**** you so good, you should pay me don't call me "baby" when you did me so wrong (When you did me so wrong) but I got over what you did already body for a body. So petty how many of your friends fit in my Rolls? (Can you fit in my Rolls?) Bought you a new face, you should call me "Dad," baby Hermès, but you dropped the bag, baby truth is, maybe one's just not еnough.

Verse one is where Post Malone turns up. Much like The Weekend, Post Malone’s voice is easily recognisable with its deep and husky tones. It helps distinguish these two stars well.

Whilst on the outside, it’ll just like another incomprehensible rap verse. However, verse two provides more of the storytelling of the song and incorporates some very clever rhymes. Such as babies and pay me. Yes, it’s a simple rhyme, and certainly, we can write it off like that, but what would be lying! Whilst it isn’t genius levels of poetry, Post Malone was still inventive. Honestly, how many of you reading this review would’ve may those two words/lines rhyme- I wouldn’t have.

Also, I love the twist on the line ‘an eye for an eye.’ To ’a body for a body,’ it’s easy to understand. People will quickly pick it up, and it’s a fitting metaphor.

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Storytelling in One Right Now

Plus, by this point, you’ve properly understood the story the song is trying to convey. , two people were dating, but one of them cheated. One of them is in denial and annoyed because they paid for a lot of stuff. From botox to bags hence the ‘new face’ and ‘Hermès, but you dropped the bag’, they’re sleeping with other people to get back at them and no longer want to be with them because there’s no trust.

Another thing I need to point out is that Post Malone and The Weekend’s voices harmonise well and create a satisfying sound that has great depth to it. It adds some complementary high and low notes that work well with instrumentalisation.

Then, the chorus repeats once this verse is over (which I won’t put down again as that’s a bit repetitive.) And then we get to verse two.

Verse Two

You're a stain on my legacy we can't be friends, can't be family (Oh) you probably fuck all my enemies. (Oh) I can't let you be next to me, oh, you belong to the world now, so just me leave me alone now we're not in touch no more.

We get another rhyme between ‘family’ and ‘enemies’. It cements the song breakup anthem for those that want revenge.

Final rating

I love One Right Now. It’s a dramatic and satisfying song with great depth in the singing and inventive songwriting. All in all, it was a great ride worth three and a half stars.

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