Makeup for Beginners: Why Beauty Gurus Aren’t Always The Best!

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Makeup for Beginners: Why Beauty Gurus Aren’t Always The Best! Link to
Makeup for Beginners: Why Beauty Gurus Aren’t Always The Best!

Makeup videos are some of the most popular videos/genres on Youtube. Beauty influencers like Nikki de Jager and Jackie Aina make a name for themselves and rise the beauty ranks.

However, the elegant glam looks that many gurus do are terrifying for beginners, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing! Plus, the fact that these people will likely never recreate these big looks makes many feel annoyed when going to youtube and not seeing minimal looks from the big names.

So today, I will provide some advice for those of you who have just started to get into makeup.

Why does it put beginners off?

The reason prominent beauty YouTubers put off so many beginners isn’t anything to do with their skill level. The intricate eye looks these people create celebrated with awe.

Some beginners who want a more natural and lightweight makeup look follow beauty gurus because of foundation and concealer and heaped on. Many are aware that it has to be applied like that due to the camera. It still doesn’t feel realistic that applying foundation and concealer feels comfortable and bad that they can’t follow those beauty standards.

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Lighting and imperfections

Because beauty YouTubers have to use ring lights for lighting, which can hide imperfections such as pores. It makes the skin look perfect, and for many beginners who want that natural look it feels off. Because the skin looks so perfect without life to it and to get that back, you have to put so much makeup back on like tons of contour. And if you are a beginner, it’s daunting, and if you want a lightweight look, you struggle to adapt it for yourself.

Some also feel pressure to be perfect straight away with things like eyeshadow and are disappointed when that doesn’t happen.

Below I’ve got some tips to help you achieve a natural look the beauty gurus have left behind.

Base makeup

Now, if you are fortunate, you might not need to bother with a foundation for your base layer of makeup. However, if you do, make sure it matches your skin tone and blends into your neck. If you want something light, you can either get a light coverage foundation or BB/CC cream as the base layer. It’ll feel lighter and will give it a natural finish.

If you suffer from bad bags under the eye, you can just put a lighter concealer over the foundation.

Back in the day, people used to put it in huge full coverage circles under the eye.

However, if it still doesn’t work, I suggest that before you put on the foundation, get a colour corrector and place a small dot of it over the bags then the foundation.

Sometimes people choose to put concealer under the eyes instead. Back in the day, beauty gurus used to put it on as very heavy triangles. Which wouldn’t blend out well and would get cakey, and you could easily see the creases under the eye.

The best thing to do is to put two dots in the corner and then use your fingers and blend out the concealer over the eye. As the warmth from the body warms up the product and moves it further.

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Since 2013, it has been popular to put concealer under the eye. And use it as a base for eyeshadow, and put it all over the eyelid. One prominent example is the PLouise eye base. However, the concealer drys out the eye area and causes creases to be more apparent.

These creases can then make eyeshadow difficult to blend and patchy. And even with neutral shades that don’t look good.

So whilst we may not like it because it adds another product to our collection, it is essential to create decent natural eyeshadow looks as it prepares the skin.

If you want to use eyeshadow and enjoy a more natural look, this will depend on your skin tone. However, you’ll want to go for more neutral shades that look good with said skin tone.


Contour is a fantastic thing, however, if you get the placement wrong on the face. There are so many different shapes and bone structures I can’t give specific advice. However, double-check the face type you are and use a guide to make the contour work. Remember to keep how much you place on the face light to blend it out, especially if it’s a natural look.

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Usually, you want a rosy tone for this but double-check what colour works well with your skin tone. Typical advice is to place it on the apples of the cheeks. But that doesn’t work for every face shape. I suggest doing some research but always apply it lightly for a natural look.


Lips are effortless for a glossy look. Apply lip gloss. Want something that stays on all day use liquid lipstick, and if you want colour but something more traditional, then everyday lipstick will do. You want to go for a nude or neutral/cool shade for a more basic and natural look.

Ultimately, beauty gurus follow the more glam looks, which can be off-putting for beginners who only want natural makeup. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still learn something, but it’ll be more suited to another style. I hope this has helped you follow a more natural and basic look that has been left behind in recent years.

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