Interior Design: Tips to Remember When Decorating!

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Interior Design: Tips to Remember When Decorating!

Whenever someone asks me about interior design, I freeze. The last time I decorated was when I was sixteen. I’m not good at changing things, and once something is in place, and I like it, it remains the same. I can’t think of an exciting colour scheme. And if I do manage to pick a colour, I usually just like blue or some variation of it.

However, I think it might be time to change, and I know I’m not the only one. I thought many people would like a quick guide of things to remember when decorating and some things that will make the process a little bit faster.

Colour scheme

Before going shopping, it is always a good idea to have a picture of a colour scheme you want to follow. Till you put the paint on the walls, you can change it up. However, having an idea of the colour scheme makes decorating easier because you are more prepared.

Dramatic colours

Putting dramatic colours in small spaces such as hallways or a cupboard is not a good idea. This is because putting dramatic colours, such as black or navy blue, in a small space makes the room look smaller. Because of how dark the colour is. Also, how dark the colour is and being in a small area can make the colour appear even darker than intended.

The super small spaces are better to use a lighter colour like yellow to stop this from happening.

Another big tip is when painting a room, such as a bedroom or living room, with ample space. One wall should be a darker or lighter colour than the rest of the walls. Having one wall darker or lighter than the other is known as a feature wall, suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. It gives the eye something to focus on

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Furniture before painting

It is also a good idea to get furniture before painting. Many interior designers say it allows you to pick a tone that matches the furniture more easily than getting the furniture to match the colour on the wall.

Selecting colour

Also, when selecting paint at a paint store, don’t just go for the colour you see on the paint chip or swatch paper. Take a tester pot home and try it on a wall. The lighting in a paint store will be different compared to your home, making the colour look different.

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Spacing and layout

Space and layout are essential in a home. It allows us to move about without any trouble. Putting things in a room in a good structure can help make things more accessible and enable a room to breathe if the layout and spacing are suitable.


Many interior designers also say is ‘Don’t be afraid of texture.’ All this means is to get stuff that’s a similar colour and fits in with the room’s tone but get it in a different fabric. .I.E. sleek modernist design and some velvet cushions on a sofa or a rug on the floor. It helps break up what the eye sees and makes things more visually interesting without going overboard. And it appeals to our sense of touching and feeling things.

Repeating patterns

Another thing to be aware of is repeating patterns. For example, if you put photos up on a wall, get them in a similar shape and try to put them in a similar pattern of three or four. It is more harmonious and satisfying, which is why, whenever we organise things around our home or decorate we put stuff in rows of three and four.


When buying furniture or paint, be aware of your budget; what you can afford, try getting stuff from charity shops or discount furniture places to help out. See if there’s anything you can repurpose or reuse. Redecorating is all well and good, but don’t break the bank trying to do it.

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If you feel the need to replace the flooring, always try to go for a texture or style that is accessible, so for example, if you are a bit clumsy and trip, then maybe don’t go for laminate flooring. Or if you want to put a new carpet in and can’t stand the feeling of long fibres, get something that’s shorter.

I also recommend getting a professional company to fit the flooring for you; it saves time and effort. However, if you don’t have the budget or prefer doing it yourself, fitting it without any help is perfectly fine. It’ll just take longer.

Be happy with it

Ultimately when redecorating your home, always make sure no matter what, you are happy with the design and layout as it is your home, your personal space, and you have to live with it.

I hope you enjoyed reading interior decorating handy tricks and tips to remember. I hope it helped you out with your interior design woes.

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