Top Ten of the most Eye-Catching Headscarf Designs

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Since the early ’50s, we’ve all been in love with the headscarf. Wanting to be the girl in the vintage car eloping with a loved one. Today I’ve compiled a list of the top ten eye-catching headscarf designs for you to finally get that dream.

1. Colour Block Scarf

The colour block scarf from SHEIN comes in five different designs. However, the pink block one is a must-see, as the navy blue and pale blue tones mix well together and create an excellent homogenous colour scheme. Yet it’s the salmon (or pastel, I haven’t decided) that gives the scarf a nice pop of colour because of how it contrasts with the other tones. Whilst, it isn’t strictly a headscarf, it is long enough to turn it into one, as some women have said in reviews. Plus, the fact that it’s £6.49 and is one of the more inexpensive silk scarves (or headscarves if you adapt it) makes it a popular design and product.

2. Lilly Square Scarf

The Lilly square scarf has an appealing design, it looks calm with the aqua colour, and when unfolded, you can see a green and dark blue plaid pattern with a floral design in black. When wrapped around the head, though, it feels like you’re looking at an underwater current. It’s a colourful design that would work well with a dark outfit and provides a good splash of colour as an accessory. It is a cashmere modal blend and is from a specialised scarf retailer called shaku, and so it makes the eye-popping headscarf retail at a whopping £160. Considering the combination of fabrics, the price is relatively low. However, that doesn’t mean our wallets won’t cry when we click checkout!

3. Blue Leopard Print Satin Bandana Headscarf

The Leopard print design by New Look is suitable for all people who like a modern animal print. Plus, the blue design makes it stand out! Plus, it is one of the cheapest headscarves on the list retailing for only £2.00 and considering the expensive taste of this list, that is a bargain.

4. Botanical Garden

The Botanical garden is a black Square scarf that fits nicely around the head. It has a floral print that is very colourful and against the black background gives it a nice pop of colour. It would be suitable for any occasion. From popping to the office to a party, is a good rounder. However, because it’s made from Silk Twill, it’s on the pricey side costs £180 at Shaku.

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5. Orange tropical print satin headscarf

The orange tropical Print Satin Headscarf is perfect for a party. With its sunset based colours and the tropical print. It’s an eye-catching design you wouldn’t want to miss. And compared to other headscarves on the list, it is pretty cheap too, retailing for £8.00 at MISSGUIDED.

6. British Tulip Garden Blue

The blue of this design is different from the Lilly Square scarf. It is much more regal and feels posher with the navy blue accents against the light blue. However, I like the monochrome design and think it would work well as a small headscarf. However, the design from SEVEDA LONDON is retailing on Wolf and Badger for £120. So that’s something to take into consideration.

7. Brown Snake Print Satin 2 Pack Headscarf

I feel like this headscarf design is more modern than most; however, the snake print design is shimmer and definitely for the people who like animal-based prints. Another plus is that it’s a two-pack, and BooHoo is currently retailing it for £4.00!

8. Rust Geometric Satin Bandana Headscarf

The geometric pattern of this design is understated and classy. The accents of bronze create a nice contrast that would get anyone noticed. I feel like it's a good design for a party if you wanted to be formal but accessorise. Plus, it's only £4.99 at New look.


The Powerpuff girl collaboration with Dolls Kill is a welcome one for anyone born in the ’90s. You’ll have sugar, spice and hopefully no chemical X to deal with. I feel the design itself is for more casual wear, as it is purple with prints of the main characters and flowers and other things. It looks fun and perfect for summer. I think this is perfect for those of us nostalgic for the past and only retails for $12.00

10. Flower Print Green Square Hair Scarf

Another more casual and summery design. The Flower Print Green Square Hair Scarf is simplistic in the floral prints. However, I like the use of the green as it contrasts nicely and throughout my headscarf hunting, I haven’t seen many use green. Hence, why it caught my eye. It is also quite a steal as it is currently retailing at Oliver Bonas at a discounted price of £11, down from £22.

I hope you enjoyed reading 10 of the most eye-catching headscarf designs. Let me know what your favourites were.

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