Makeup Trends From the ’00s and 10’s that Should Never Return!

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Photographer: Amy Shamblen | Source: Unsplash

Makeup trends, you either love them or hate them today. I’m looking at the makeup trends from the early noughties and 2010’s that should never return no matter how bad the nostalgia gets!

1. Streaks of Bleach

Back in the noughties, everybody, and I mean everybody, was into streaks of highlight being in the hair. No fading or blending. It was just there in huge blocks. It stuck out like a sore thumb and didn’t work. The style made you look like a bit of a badger hairstyle-wise.

2. Wavy eyebrows

It was the big Instagram trend everyone was following. The trend was to create wavy eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or powder. It looked weird. I couldn’t see the appeal. It was one of the worst trends of the early 2010s. Let’s never go back to that. It was silly, and it made it hard to read people's emotions.

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3. 30+ layers of foundation

another trend from the early 2010s. For the gram, back in the day, people loved to put 30+ layers of Foundation on their faces mostly to get clickbait views. Still, people were on this stuff and pretended it didn’t cause imperfections to make pores more visible and clog up the skin. It’s a waste of foundation, time, and money. Please never do this to your face unless you have a prominent skincare routine.

Photographer: Rune Enstad | Source: Unsplash

4. Ultra-thin eyebrows

Back to the 00s, for this one, back in the day, people would use an eyeliner pencil to draw a line on their eyebrows. The arches would always be super thin, and it didn’t match most people’s face shape and was noticeably fake. It wasn’t a good look and is just as bad as overdrawn eyebrows.

5. Suntan everywhere

Another big one for the early 2000s on tanning self-tanning we used to put it everywhere, and it was much like the early 2010s obsession with 30+ layers of foundation. People who packed on the suntan weren’t discernible from a Terry's Chocolate Orange! We even used sunbeds, which aren’t good because they could give you melanoma (a type of skin cancer) even after one use. Not as if Final Destination three helped!

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6. Using random utensils

If you used Instagram back in the early 2010’a (2014), to be precise, then you probably remember this one! Back in the day, Instagram gurus and Youtubers alike would apply foundation, bronzer, and contour using any random utensil, from forks to spoons! It was dumb and would make the makeup super muddy. Just use a sponge, beauty blender or brush!

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7. Overdoing frosted eyeshadow

Back to the 2000s, and this is another one from my childhood. Back in the day, we used to cake on frosted eyeshadow as our lives depended on it! There is a famous photo of socialite Paris Hilton rocking the look. Don’t get me wrong frosted eyeshadow can look amazing but not how we did it back in the noughties, it can’t!

8. Not matching skin to the foundation.

Back in the 2000s, there weren't many options for what color your foundation could be if you were in high school. (It was even worse if you were a person of color as there were hardly any shades to match your complexion, and mixing and matching was the only option.) And so we would get the Maybelline matte mousse foundation and lather it on, even if it made us look like we had a suntan on the face that was too dark and didn't match our necks.

9. Overdone bronzer

The early noughties were the years of makeup overindulgence (not that it didn’t continue into the 10’s). Back in the day, many people would use bronzing powder, or it was in a compact in a ball shape and put a load on the face, so much. Hence, it looked just like the dodgy fake suntan we used to overload our bodies with. We must’ve loved the color orange back in the day or looking like we had mud on our faces.

10. Overplucked eyebrows

Another big thing the noughties borrowed from the 80s was overplucked eyebrows. People used to get tweezers and pluck the hair from the eyebrow, but they didn’t stop till it was an excellent shape that suited the face. Oh no! The many people who did this would go overboard and pluck it until the arches were thin like worms or something even smaller.

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Whether you like it or not, these were the worst beauty trends of the noughties and 2010s (I can already hear my pores screaming!). Looking at this list, I’ve learned that makeup and beauty trends are never kind to eyebrows, and maybe that should change!

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