Easy Tips and Tricks to Make Dieting a Piece Of Cake!

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Easy Tips and Tricks to Make Dieting a Piece Of Cake!

Dieting is difficult. We’ve all been there trying to lose a few pounds to fit into a dress or generally get healthier for a wedding. Or a family member is sitting there insulting you about your weight again! And you’ve finally decided to spite them and lose weight! Whatever the motivation, dieting is a challenge!

So, how can you make dieting easier? So you can get to your goal/ideal weight! Well, read on as we give you the tips and tricks needed.

Carry healthy snacks

I don’t know about you, but one of my worst habits (which ruins my dieting) is snacking on unhealthy foods. I snack out of boredom and general hunger, but it’s always something harmful. Crisps, chocolate, ice cream! You name it. I snack on it. When you diet, that is counterintuitive and makes it useless. So this is a tip for me writing this (and you reading.) to replace those unhealthy snacks we eat with the healthier variety.

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Or track how much you snack and then reduce the number. However, I think option A for this tip will be more accessible!

Realistic expectations

I think that makes dieting a struggle is we have this idea that we will see the weight fall off of us when we diet and work in a matter of days. When really, it’ll happen over weeks or months. Don’t worry. I’m guilty of it too. And so not seeing this instant drop makes us feel like rubbish and feel more defeatist! Go into your diet plan with a realistic idea of how quickly you will lose weight and a realistic amount to lose. Wanting to lose so much so quickly can easily ruin your motivation and make you give up dieting.

Change your fizzy drinks.

Now I know when you diet. Plans always say to cut out the fizzy drinks. That’s a been there done that rule. I wouldn’t even bother putting it on this list! However, we all want a little treat now and then, and sparkling water doesn’t cut it! It tastes dreadful and water being fizzy is weird. So to make fizzy drinks fun again, go for the diet or sugar-free option!

Under many diet plans, those drinks are still allowed as they don’t ruin the calorie/sugar intake and won’t ruin your diet. And because you are getting your fill of fizzy drink, it’ll make it easier on you mentally. And it’ll be more likeable than sparkling water any day!
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Make a plan

Now when I say make a plan, I mean it in two ways. The first is making a meal plan with your diet in mind; a) it saves you money as your meal prepping + planning. B) It also stops you from buying and eating stuff that goes against your diet because you’ve planned it out and are less likely to go against that plan. I also suggest making a plan for exercise so you know when you can fit it in and have something physical to stick to and quickly put into your routine.

Exercise as well

Seeing as I spoke about exercise in the above point, I better go on to it now. When you diet, it would also be good to exercise as well! It’ll help burn the calories that are there much more quickly. Try to find a gym or do some stuff at home. It doesn’t have to be strenuous like the Olympians do, as that’s terrifying and not easy to do. And you do have to pace yourself because of injury but also because it is highly de-motivating!

If you have a disability, this will be difficult to find a gym that’ll fit your needs. Home exercise might be easier to do straightaway. Try googling for local groups that are disability friendly and double-check the reviews.

Or you could check out this article I made for home exercise that has some adaptions you could use.

Don’t go too fast

When I say don’t go too fast. I mean, don’t immediately start eating only six hundred calories a day and exercise five hours at a high intensity! It’ll be highly unhealthy, dangerous and because weight doesn’t shift instantly, will be highly de-motivating.

Pace how much you cut out the sweets and the unhealthy junk. It’ll be easier to wean out of your diet and is a much more controlled way of reaching the right calories. It won’t damage your health as much and will help sort out your relationship with food in a more positive and rewarding way. It’ll make dieting seem more manageable and less taxing mentally.

Dieting is a nightmare! It always will be, but we can take steps to make our relationship with food and exercise less hostile and more of a positive experience. This will make dieting more manageable and making weight loss a piece of cake!

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