The Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument!

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The Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument!

A couple of weeks ago, I made a post about how to learn the piano at home. When I realized some people look at learning an instrument with bewilderment and fear and would rather gouge their eyes out than put their hand on a piano key or violin strings. I can understand I gave up learning violin after a month. Strings are complicated, okay!

So I thought for those of you trepid about learning an instrument, I’d give you the rundown of the benefits of learning an instrument (yes, that includes the random instruments like the foghorn!)

Benefits for the body

Usually, when I write a post explaining the benefits of something, I just give you a header and the text and don’t split it into groups. However, I’ve done that for this post as some of these benefits become less about the body and mind. And so, you might not see the connection as quickly.

Learning an instrument improves memory

When learning an instrument, you have to remember where the notes are. As you progress, you learn how to read sheet music and then sight-read. As you’ll be practising a lot and always remember where these notes are, you will improve your memory. And this isn’t just standard memory either it is also muscle memory too!

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Improves flexibility and co-ordination

Another thing that learning a musical instrument does is improve flexibility and coordination. I realise that might be difficult to believe as pianists just use their hands and drummers are just sitting down, but it’s true! Because pianists have to use ten fingers and reach many keys at differing pressures, which requires flexibility and coordination because you also have to use your eyes. Drummers have to reach the drums and symbols and use their feet, which is also coordination. Even when you don’t think you have to be flexible and have co-ordination with musical instruments, you do.

Busts stress

Music is very good at swaying our emotions. We listen to a downbeat low tempo song, and suddenly we feel sad. Listen to an upbeat song, and then we’re happy. As a musician, you’ll be performing something every day, so you’ll be hearing music a lot. Hearing those pieces (depending on the tone and tempo) are known to lower blood pressure, help your heart rate and lower stress. On top of that, music also enables us to connect with others through emotional response.

The social benefits of learning an instrument

Learning an instrument gives you something to do

Let’s be honest; sometimes, life can get a bit boring. Especially when you’ve got a long time to wait till you can see friends again or because you’ve got annoying bills to pay. However, learning an instrument can give you something to do outside of work. And make life a bit more interesting! Because you’ve now got something to do or because you’ve got a recital to attend. Plus, if you learn with a group of people, it can make you less isolated!

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Technically you are an athlete.

I can hear all the sports fans scream in horror. I dared to step on their turf. But hear me out, when you become a musician, you are technically an athlete. For example, people who have learned the piano at a high enough level suffer from carpal tunnel, and why do you think some people damage their vocal cords? Why do you think a warm-up is needed (which is always done before physical activity.) When learning an instrument? Because it can cause a lot of damage. If it’s the triangle or singing, no matter what, music is a sport, and you are an athlete! And whilst you are not an athlete on official records, you are part of the gang, and that’s always a cool flex.

Everyone loves a musician.

Whenever someone knows an instrument, everybody around them is in awe and wants to learn more. You start playing that around the place (and you’re good.), then you’ll get a small crowd, especially if it’s guitar. In short, no one will get annoyed at your hobby and will encourage it more than any other arts-based hobby out there. Painting gets looked down on. Writers are told we’ll never get published! But music is the artistic hobby everyone loves, and no one will start on you! Go for it.

Learning a musical instrument has many benefits for the body, mind, and social life (which are shallow). But a benefit is a benefit. Try learning a musical instrument, whether it’s guitar, the drums or a cello and see how it improves your life!

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