A Much Better Way to Improve How Much Water You Drink in a Day!

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Tips and Tricks to Improve How Much Water You Drink In A Day!

Water is important. It keeps our plants healthy and vibrant. It hydrates us and covers 70% of our landmass. We need to drink it to stay hydrated.

We all know we need to drink eight glasses of the stuff a day to remain healthy and adequately hydrated. Easy in theory, in practice much harder. Especially with all the options of fizzy drinks, soda’s and alcohol, which have a better taste than water (particularly sparkling.)

So how do you keep yourself motivated to drink water? How do you get those eight cups a day?

Well, I’m going to give you some tips. Some may seem childish, but as a person who has to drink 1-1.5 litres of the stuff every day because I have rubbish kidney’s they help.

Why water?

Now, this is going to be a very obvious paragraph about the benefits of water. Which we all already know. However, I think it’s good to remind ourselves as it’ll serve as good motivation.

1) It helps with preventing constipation.

Water helps the body move bodily waste forward- which aids in bowel movement and pushing all that waste forward. Maintaining your water intake ( along with fibre) will prevent constipation. (Unless you have medical issues, in which case this one is a moot point.)

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2) Body Temperature

When we get too hot, we sweat to help lower body temperature. Whenever we sweat, we use up moisture. You need to drink water to be able to sweat and lower body temperature.

3) Protecting tissues, spinal cord and joints

Water helps cushion the tissues and lubricate the joints, allowing movement and lowering the risk of arthritis.

4) Blood oxygen circulation

Water carries helpful nutrients and oxygen throughout the entire body. Drinking more improves circulation.

5) Kidney’s

Drinking water also reduces the likelihood of you getting kidney stones. And it keeps your kidneys healthy in general. If you are on dialysis or have kidney problem’s water is like your best friend!

Those were just five reasons to drink your daily intake of water. But there are many more reasons that are vital to staying hydrated and keeping water in your diet!

Ways to drink more water

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1) Track what you drink and how much

Now we track our exercise and how much we eat. Why not how much we drink? I know it sounds silly. Trust me, it works!

Put a note down whenever you have a drink and how much you’ve drunk and how much left you need to drink.

If you can see it physically on your phone or paper, it can motivate you. It also enables you to know when you drink and how much and gives you an idea of when you could drink more and things like that.

2.) Set an alarm

This one is weird. Set the alarm or reminder throughout the day and try to drink a cup of water when the alarm goes off. You can chug it down (like I do), but I don’t recommend it as you could choke, plus it processes through the body quickly, and you’ll be on the loo for ages!

3) sugar-free flavoured water

Sometimes it isn’t forgetfulness that lowes your intake. It can be the taste (yes, it can taste different based on where it’s found, trust me, Volvic tastes different from Buxton). Try getting some sugar free flavoured water and drink that instead. You’ll like the taste, and it’ll make you drink more.

I know you are asking why not a normal flavoured drink?

The reason why is due to the fact normal flavoured drink has a lot of sugar in it. And so drinking lots of it will increase the amount of sugar in your body- which isn’t healthy. Drinking the sugar-free version will enable you to drink more but keep the health benefits.

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4) meals

Usually, at meals, you have different drinks. For example, at breakfast, it’s orange juice or tea and coffee. At lunch, it’s a fizzy drink or another coffee, and at dinner, we have alcohol or another fizzy drink.

However, one of the simplest ways to increase intake is replacing these more popular drinks with water. It’s easier to remember than most things. And easy to put into practice.

5) Keep a water bottle with you

Take a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go. It enables you to have a constant source of hydration, so you don’t have the temptation to spend money on fizzy drinks and soda.

Plus, it is an excellent visual reminder for seeing how much you’ve drunk throughout the day! Also, a reusable bottle is better for the environment and is easier to keep around.

Those were some easy and quick tips you can use to improve how much water you drink per day or week. I hope it’ll help you stay hydrated and healthy.

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