Loneliness: Ways to Feel More Connected in Modern Times!

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Loneliness: Ways to feel more connected in modern times!

In the 20th century, technological advancement was a big thing that has only continued into the 21st. With the brick phone slowly transforming into a smartphone. With the recent developments with apps from Tinder to Facebook. It can be a nightmare to feel connected. This feeling is worse for people in their twenties that have grown up with these smartphones and the internet.

How do you feel connected? How do you remain happy in the new digital age?

Don’t just cultivate relationships on social media.

Sometimes we don’t feel connected because we aren’t developing meaningful friendships. And sometimes we’ve got good friends. Sometimes you need to see them physically to make them feel less distant or numb about it. Whenever the both of you (or maybe a group of you.) Can physically meet up, do it! Because some relationships need physical interaction as a reminder of a connection. Distance and social media can make us forget our bonds with others.

Do stuff for yourself.

When we don’t go outside and do things we enjoy for a long time, it can get us down, when we go out to restaurants and cinemas though we like to go with others. That can be tricky with people being busy, or you might have long-distance friendships. This distance from the world can make you feel disconnected. And significantly impact your mental health.

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Try going to the cinema and these restaurants by yourself. Yes, it is more relaxed and way more fun going with others! But there is also something freeing and great about going by yourself. Plus, the more you do things for yourself even though you’re not physically talking to others, the more you feel connected and more in tune with people. Making you feel a part of society!

Figuring out your needs to feel connected.

Not feeling connected to the world and others isn’t just about social media and the growing distance between physically seeing people. Now and then, the isolated feeling you have is because you aren’t getting what you want from life. You might want to move away to somewhere new but can’t. Or don’t know what you want next.

Take some time to be introspective. Work out what makes you happy at the time or what you need to be happier? Figure out what you need to cut out.

And sometimes, you need to do more than be introspective. Thoughts can get confusing, and you will struggle to figure out what you need. Another thing you can do is fill out a journal to write it out. Which will make you relax and not panic, and the subconscious will fill in the rest.

Or do some tangible goal setting to put yourself on the right path. Making yourself truly happy will treat some of that disconnected and numb feeling that you’ve been feeling.

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Cut out people to feel connected

Another thing that can make us disconnected and isolated are toxic relationships that affect our mental health. Cut out people that make your life feel like hell. Yes, I know it might be difficult for some. But if you’re able to cut out the people you hate. And see how much happier and connected you feel to live again.

Hobbies and groups

Do you have any pastimes? It could be sewing, kickboxing or pottery. Whatever your leisure activity is, there is a group for it. Try looking on google for a group near you. These groups are helpful as you’ll be around people with something in common with you, making it easier to initiate a conversation with the people in the group. As you begin talking to these people, you’ll become closer, and then you’ll get friends which you’ll interact outside of the group meeting times. Oh, you’ll get more advice for your hobby and will be able to improve, giving you a sense of achievement.

Learn what the block button is

As I’ve said throughout this piece, social media is one of the three main things that can make us feel disconnected. One of the ways we can improve how social media works for us is through how we interact and curate our platforms. One thing that can get you down is that you have many friends who share stuff that makes you down. Or people leave horrible comments you read over and over again and also make you feel rubbish. How do you improve that?

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How to curate social media to feel connected?

You can tell the platforms you use what posts you are/aren’t into, and it’ll improve the posts you see. You can also unfriend and block people if needed. And you can always mute comments if required. Curating your social media will improve what you see and how you interact with others, improving your mental health and making you feel more connected.

Whilst maintaining friendships are getting harder, there are several steps you can take to make it easier, and it’s sure to make you feel less isolated in your day to day life!

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