Youtube and Branding: Tips and Tricks on the Best Branding!

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Youtube and Branding: Tips and Tricks on the Best Branding!

Since 2012 Youtube has gained a ton of internet stars that have achieved influencer status—bringing about sponsorships, brand deals and brand collaborations. Youtube is also a brilliant tool for advertising and has even led to people creating their businesses. Just look at SimplyNailogical and her Halo Taco brand.

However, working out your brand on Youtube is an overwhelming process—working out the logo and the name, among other things.

Today, I will provide some tips and guidance on branding for youtube that will make it easier.

Your product

The first thing to think of is the product. Now, if your a business using Youtube, that’s already been taken care of and has been thought out. However, you can skip this paragraph if you’re starting from Youtube from scratch and have made a homegrown audience. You will have to think of what you can provide consumers or think of a product you are well known for that you could sell.

For example, Dylan Lemay recently moved from Tiktok to Youtube and worked at Coldstone creamery, an ice cream store. He has recently left and will be starting his own ice cream business.

If he started a business selling mugs, it wouldn’t work as he’s known for ice cream, and so it would come from left field, and the audience wouldn’t want that. They expect ice cream. Think about what you are associated with and provide that to your audience.

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Your name

When creating a Youtube channel, you always have to have a user/ profile name. Because it’s the internet, you can go for something funny or completely random or use your full name. It’s good to think ahead and think about how you’ll want to be seen by businesses who wish to sponsor you.

On top of that, you might want to think about your genre as well. For example, if you are a beauty Youtuber, you’ll want your full name because a funny name might not work. Yet, if you are a gaming streamer, you might want a funny word because the products and content allow that. In short, think of the product, content and possible future ramifications of your name. If you are a business that’s joining Youtube, it is already sorted.

Your logo

Whenever you brand something, you need a visual image for people to recognise you. Every corporation has one, every business and every personality on the internet. You need a logo. The logo will go on every piece of merchandise or product/ content you produce.

So the logo will need to embody what you provide in terms of content, genre or personality. It needs to be memorable and straightforward.

The best logo has an image and the company’s name or channel, so we know it belongs to you.

You don’t have to design the logo by yourself either you can get help or use a logo maker programme on the internet.

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Your content

Another thing you’ll have to think about is the content. Because the content will determine what you sell, and the product will determine the content.

For example, if your a pizzeria and you want to sell your pizzas, you’ll show cooking tutorials on pizzas. You’ll give tips and tricks on how to roll out dough. Maybe even a kitchen tour. Whereas if you start from Youtube and decide to do a beauty channel, it’ll mainly be product reviews and unboxings. Sometimes you do a bit of both or have separate channels for content.

You’ll also want to work out the style as well as that’s what you’ll become well known to provide. You’ll be known for the genre, type of content, production value and personality. It’s all one package.

Why worry about branding

Branding is important. It’s the image or name that general consumers and potential customers know and remember you as.

Whilst you might not join youtube to gain an income, if you become viral and reach the heights of influencer, then opportunities to monetise your content.

And so when you create your channel, you might want to have a general plan, so you have this stuff set up for when it happens.

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Your brand can be used for:

Sponsorships: When another brand wants you to talk about their products/services favourably.

Product collabs: When you make a product with another company helping

Merchandising: Products revolving around your brand that are sold

Shows + Tours: Where you go around a country and “Meet” fans

You won’t want anything too NSFW, so brands aren’t put off so you can reach more products to sell. However, it is the internet, and big companies are starting to be a bit more lenient.

Once you’ve broken down what the crucial elements are of branding (and by extension marketing) on Youtube entails. It is easier to figure out and makes the creation of your content and channel more straightforward.

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