Patreon: General Advice to Make the Most Out of Tiered Content.

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Patreon: General Advice to Make the Most Out of Tiered Content.

Patreon is a saving grace for many YouTubers and content creators. Many creators have been bitten by DMCA strikes and YouTubes very broken copyright system. Meaning that many creators and influencers can't get paid unless they create tiered based content.

However, for many creators, Patreon seems like a chore. And others are struggling to utilise their content on the site.

Today I'm here to provide you with advice to help you get the most out of your Patreon. And earn the best supplemental income from your audience.

Audience demographics

The first thing to think about is your audience demographic. Now, if you aren't aware of what that is, audience demographics are the statistics of your audience. And you can separate results into age group, geographic location and age. ( Some places can measure this in more ways for ethnicity, ability and other methods.)

Measuring the demographics of your audience can help you figure out many things. Specifically for Patreon, it can help you work out how much you price each tier.

Because if you have an audience made of mostly sixteen-year-olds, they will still be in school. They are either earning little to no money or minimum wage and can't afford very high-priced tires, especially as they have to ask their parents.

Whereas if you have an audience made up of primarily thirty-year-olds, they most likely hold down a job of their own. And can afford tiers that are more highly-priced.

If you price a tier too highly for the majority of your audience, you are losing money and making extra content at a loss, which is a waste of time and resources—making your life harder. Whereas if you price it rightly for the audience, you create more content but earn more money and profit. Which is always a good thing!

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What can you provide?

The next important thing to think about is what content you will provide for each tier. And how to differentiate it from what you usually offer. As for Patreon, to work and get money from it, you need to provide your audience with an incentive.

For example, let's say you make video essays on youtube for the lowest tier. You could release the videos a day early. You could release extended cuts of videos; provide them with exclusive access to polls for new content ideas for the higher tiers.

The possibilities are endless! You have to curate the extra content to your genre of upload, your schedule and make sure it's priced in the correct tier so you can make the most of your newfound monetisation.

Speaking of schedule, if you don't stick to the one you state, your audience will get annoyed as they are paying for a product they are not receiving, and you can get in trouble. Meaning you lose money either due to false advertising or because the audience is getting fed up without the content. And you don't want to lose money because you can't be organised or warn your audience. It'll make you look bad in the eyes of the fans, and you can't support yourself.

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Audience size

The following key thing to think about is the size of your audience, as that can determine several things. The first being whether it is the right time to set up a Patreon, and the second is whether you'll make enough money from it at the current time.

For example, let's say you have fifty subscribers, and Patreon set up whilst you'll make a bit of money. There isn't a significant audience to make it sustainable or worth making the extra content for, as you'll make it at a loss. Plus, you've probably only just started making videos, so it isn't enough for your audience to know you or your brand. Or learn the specific ways you could pin down the extra content you would provide. On top of that, you could decide five weeks down the line that you no longer want to curate content for the internet and close the Patreon account too! Which makes setting up a Patreon account futile and not worth it.

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If you have a bigger audience

However, let's say you have a subscriber count of 20,000+ you now have a vast audience which is sustainable and not going to drop erratically in numbers. Therefore you can always count on that revenue per month. Plus, your audience knows your brand and content and is more likely to pay for the extra stuff on Patreon.

Plus, you've nailed down your genre and what kind of content you provide on your channel by this point. So you can work out what different types of content and what you can fit into your schedule and your tiers on Patreon.

When setting up something like Patreon, always remember your audience, content, and schedule to make the most out of the site and earn the most out of your supplemental income.

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