Six of the Best Topics to Blog About When Starting Out!

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Six of the Best Topics to Blog About When Starting Out! Link to www.wer8,stream
Six of the Best Topics to Blog About When Starting Out!

It can be challenging to figure out what subjects you’ll cover and what is popular enough to get views when you start a blog. You can be spending hours on end at a blank page, going ‘er’ as you figure out what you like to write. Today I’m going to give you some of the best areas you can blog about and some ways you can narrow down your niche further.

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Things to remember

The first thing to remember before deciding what you’d want to blog about remember that it should be something you’ll enjoy talking/writing and want to share that with others.

Another thing to remember is that if you aren’t as knowledgeable of the subject you are writing about, you can quickly learn about it or use the gaps in understanding to your advantage.

Another thing to remember with blogging is that writing the posts is half the battle. The other fights are coming up with the ideas and uploading them consistently; otherwise, the algorithm won’t be happy!


Everybody loves a film. Whether it’s a good one like Parasite or a bad one like The Kissing Booth, we all like talking about them, reviewing them, talking about character motivations and the language of cinema. With film, it’s easy to narrow down precisely what you want to talk about and share. Hate Marvel movies? Then write about why Marvel movies don’t create fully rounded character arcs. Like special effects in horror movies? They write about how special effects have changed throughout the years. You can narrow it down by genre, whether it’s a review or analysis, film history. You name it, you can write it!

Also, because you are talking about films, which has been around for centuries and is constantly having releases and festivals from all walks of life, you have a constant source of inspiration and content to create and use!


Listen before you click off. Yes, you can talk about literature. Thanks to things like Bookstagram (book Instagram) and book tube. Books and literature have grown in popularity again. A physical book is still the most popular type of reading. Whilst it might seem dumb, but literature is a great thing to centre a blog around. Much like films, there are a million angles you could utilise. The history of cover jacket design for horror books. How accessible reading has evolved. You can blog about hundreds of things and elements of an industry people want to know more about and enjoy!

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We all knew this subject was on the list, and yes, there are a ton of beauty bloggers out there, so you won’t necessarily have the most original ideas, and there might not be a bunch of stuff that separates you from the crowd. Don’t let that deter you! The beauty blogging genre is still trendy, and no matter who writes about it and how oversaturated the field is, people still want content. You can come at it from a bunch of angles. Maybe you only want to write about independent beauty companies. Perhaps you could focus on the accessibility of makeup products. No matter the hook or the number of beauty bloggers out there, it is still an excellent genre to write.

Why? Because of the number of products out there, you’ll always find something to write about, and no one can copy your voice or be like you, so your writing style will make you unique and vital to be read!

Health and fitness

People love to look good and feel good. Hence why health and fitness is such a popular topic online. People love getting tips to improve their muscle mass. And teachers are constantly looking for new drills and games to adapt to their lessons. (I should know I did that enough times.)

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You could use plenty of hooks to entice an audience to read what you write, from making accessible sports plans or comparing diets and which one is suitable for which type of person. You could talk about powdered sports drinks and which ones are the best value for money. There are tons of ideas you could write up. Plus, because of everyone’s different relationship with health and fitness, your voice will always be different and stand out from the crowd!

Food and drink

Food and drink is and always will be popular. Why? Because we need to eat and drink to survive. People are always looking for new recipes, new diets to explore and ways to hide veggies so kids will get their five a day! No matter what you churn out, food will always be a good subject to use for your blog. From trying new cuisine to reviewing a restaurant, everybody loves it! Heck, you could be the first food blogger that doesn’t spend three paragraphs about why your significant other loves your banana bread recipe!

These were just five of the best subjects to write about online. But there are a plethora more that you could use! I hope this refresher helped you figure out what your content/blog should use as a hook.

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