Twitter and Marketing: Tricks to Make your Adverts Stand Out!

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Twitter and Marketing: Tricks to Make your Adverts Stand Out!

Twitter can be a weird place. It’s full of memes, weird GIFs, misspelt tweets you can’t get rid of and the dreaded discourse! But for all its faults, Twitter can be unique for advertising! Although it’s an app that can only handle 140 characters per tweet, you can do a lot for marketing and general social media sharing.

Today I’m going to look at the best practices for Twitter to engage your audience and have better marketing.


Whenever we talk about social media and the audience, we always circumnavigate back to engaging with your audience. And because Twitter is social media and, unlike a newspaper, requires that response from accounts.

People always enjoy seeing an account creating a funny response to a consumer because it’s unexpected. The first account that comes to mind is Wendy’s. And the burns they used to give to people on Twitter whenever you would ask them a question. People enjoy that sarcastic insult-based humor.

Suppose you want something a bit lighter and friendlier. In that case, you could always follow a similar route to innocent smoothies where they respond but are either cheeky or warm in the comments. It works because it fits with the branding and connotations of innocent.

Depending on your account, you constantly engage with the audience to suit your brand and sound authentic.

And if your Twitter is a personal account connected to a Youtube channel, make sure it is you being yourself. Your audience will be able to tell when you are a bit off.

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Big brand interaction

Another thing people like to see is big names interact with other big-name brands or people. One prominent example I can provide is when the Weetabix Twitter account shared a tweet with a picture of two Weetabix covered in Heinz beans. The post caused massive controversy because the combination was a crime against food!

However, it did cause a lot of other big business accounts to interact. For example, Nandos and Dominos commented on the post and the MET police department and Specsavers quoting their anger. It successfully got people talking about the product.

More people responded to it and were screenshotting the replies, which created a big circle of marketing that helped everyone involved. Ultimately it was a great marketing piece because it was funny, and people are more likely to respond to something funny than anything else!

Great visuals

Not only is Twitter a home for short written content it is also great for visuals. Don’t get me wrong; it won’t be as good as Instagram.

But it can still showcase high-quality photographs and posters. Inserting visuals into your marketing and how you interact with consumers can break up the types of content on your Twitter.

It looks more attractive to the eye. And in some cases, when one hundred and forty characters get boring can provide your audience more to interact and enjoy. Just make sure that when you add any photos to your Twitter account, it is the highest quality possible and a good shape- I recommend landscape more than portrait.

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Stay on trend

Whenever you advertise something, make sure whatever you design for your copy is a design that hasn’t gone out of date and isn’t seen as tacky or old. This will be due to the fact it won’t grab the attention of your audience.

On top of that, if there’s a specific date and you are late, and you’ve missed a particular hashtag, then not many people will see it. Or heart and retweet it. Meaning you’ve cut a vast amount of people out from seeing whatever it is you are advertising.

Plus, if there’s a critical date like the Met Gala, you release something a week later. There was never any point in posting anything. Because all of the possible things you will have to say about the event have already been said. And by the time you’ve posted it, the heats died down, and no one will read it. Or view the pictures or the funny meme you posted because no one cares by that point.

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Since the dawn of the internet, hashtags have always been important. They help classify the subject a piece of content is a part of or has a close relation. You might want to put a good hashtag that relates to your content in your posts.

It’ll help people searching/ going through that particular topic find your post. And could gain you an extra customer. Plus, if you have a big enough follower count that uses a popular hashtag, it can help with the dreaded algorithm! And boost how many people heart, retweet, and share your post. It’s another way to gain awareness, and that’s always good!

Ultimately advertising on Twitter can be easy if you take this advice and get the most out of the platform. As long as you keep your content fresh, authentic and funny (for the most part), you should have a decent marketing strategy at your fingertips!

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