Podcasting: Quick and Easy ways to Market your Podcast for Free!

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Podcasting: Quick and Easy ways to Market your Podcast for Free!

We all like listening to a podcast, whether it’s a true crime one or one for your favourite show. Ultimately we all have a favourite podcast close to our hearts. However, we all know they exist and why we found them on Spotify because of marketing.

Yet, marketing with a podcast can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the monetizable income to pay for things like adverts to get a broad audience.

Today I’m going to give you some tips to market your podcast without using your own money.

Social media- A month (at least) before launch!

Everybody uses social media, and there are a lot of platforms out there. Instagram and Twitter scratch the surface! Considering the fact you are making/ releasing a podcast that relies on social media to be heard. I suggest making a social media account for the podcast. Particularly Instagram and Twitter. Plus, social media is free!

Do it a couple of months before you release the first episode and engage with accounts that post similar content. Comment on posts, like pictures! Post behind the scenes stuff on Instagram and Twitter.

Engaging with possible audience members like this before launch will get people interested in your content beforehand. When you signal post and call to action near the time of release, you’ll get more viewers.

No matter what, keep engaging with the audience and people within your subject matter.

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Social media- two weeks before launch

A couple of weeks before launch, start signal posting on all social media.

Start a countdown to when the first episode airs to get people excited. So they know when to tune into Anchor or Spotify.

Post interesting 10-30 seconds (pushing it at maximum would be a minute) podcast clips. It’ll give viewers an idea of what your content will sound like and whether they want to tune in. It generally gets people excited for your podcast.

Also, more visual and audio-based content is better performing than just text-based statuses on social media. Don’t get me wrong; they are still needed. But the audio and visual stuff is typically better performing and more likely to get reshared, retweeted and liked! And the more shares and likes a post receives, the more pleased the algorithm is, and the more likely it is for that post will come up in their recommended. Which also helps get more audience interested in your podcast.

Social media- Launch day.

On launch day, on your social media, call your followers to action. With links to where they can find your content to become fans/audience members of your content.

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My other suggestion is to upload the podcast to Youtube too. So your audience (or possible audience) have multiple ways to listen and can use social media that might be more accessible to them.

I also suggest sharing reviews or initial good impressions of the content as it shows your engagement with your audience, and if people see it, they might want to listen in for the next episode.

After the release and when more episodes come out, I recommend keeping up with the social media engagement and marketing.

Release more than one episode

When launching your podcast, don’t just release one episode. Try to release two or three episodes.

It allows the audience to sink their teeth into more of your content. And streaming services and platforms such as Netflix enabling audiences to binge-watch content. Typically they’ll want more than one episode because that’s what they are used to receiving.

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Also, another bonus to releasing more than one episode for a launch means your one episode ahead. It gives you extra time to record and edit your next set of episodes and enables you to work out what works and doesn’t for your next set of content releases!

Plus, if the listeners like the content, they’ll want more and won’t wait a month for another episode. (Don’t get me wrong, they will give them a bit extra for the launch.)

Another way to release more than one episode

However, there is another way to go about giving viewers an extra episode. You could get them to subscribe to a mailing list or ask them to subscribe. Then once the listeners get to a certain amount, you release the second episode.

This one is a bit difficult to pull off because you are starting from nothing, and so it’s better once you’ve built up your audience. But it can build up hype and help with marketing in some way.

Go on others’ Podcasts

Another way to market your podcast is when you’ve built up your reputation and contacts, you can go on another person’s podcast and talk about your content.

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If you’re lucky, you might be able to befriend another person or get someone to market your content on their social media before launch. However, it is more likely to happen once you’ve uploaded content regularly and got a regular and reputable number of listeners.

I would like to point out that if a host does let you on their podcast. It is good practice and polite you offer the same level of promotion, so they also go on your podcast and promote them on your social media!

It is a two-way street, and your reputation and people’s willingness to help you decrease if you don’t do that.

Those were my top tips/guide to marketing your podcast without spending any income and is accessible to everyone!

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