Simple and Easy Ways to Manage Acne.

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Simple and Easy Ways to Manage Acne.

As we grow up, we develop and change. One of those changes is acne, the spots that we get when hormones start to kick in. Sometimes it’ll happen after pregnancy. The annoying spots that make us feel inadequate and make us hate our image occur.

There are many spot creams and gels advertised to us. It can be challenging to know how to manage acne with all the options, even if you are an expert.

Today I’ll be sifting through the fact and the fiction and give you the correct tips to manage acne.

Washing habits

One of the things you can do is to wash your face twice a day and after sweating. This is because bacteria builds up in the morning and night to help clog up the pores and make your acne appear. If you sweat, i.e. after exercise, that’ll add to the bacteria and worsen it.

Another thing is that when washing the face and other areas where your acne appears, you don’t want to scrub your face too harshly. This is because being too harsh will aggravate the skin and the acne and make it worse.

Also, another tip to improve your washing habits is only to use lukewarm water when washing. Why? Because water that is too hot will irritate the skin. Plus, if one of your acne symptoms is that the skin hurts when you touch it. Then if the water is too warm, it will cause you a lot of pain!

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Use cleansers that don’t clog the pores

There are a lot of cleansers being advertised and out in stores. There are also a lot of skincare Tik-Tokers and YouTubers pedalling false information. (in fact, the only two I trust are James Welsh and Hyram!) be sure to get cleansers that are made for sensitive skin and don’t clog the pores. This should lower the amount of acne you have to deal with and be gentle on the skin!

Healing naturally

We’ve all heard adults say, ‘Don’t pick your spots.’ and we never listen, nor do we understand why. However, with acne spots and breakouts, this should be listened to more closely. You don’t want to pick a spot/acne breakout as if you do. You can risk scaring the skin, making the skin appear worse, which can cause your body confidence to plummet. On top of that, your fingers have a lot of bacteria and other germs. So by picking and popping the spots, you’ll be introducing new germs to the skin and areas where the acne lies and that can make the skin irritated and increase the number of spots when you have another breakout!

Be a vampire- ignore the sun and Sunbeds.

Limit the amount of time you spend in the sun. And if you do go out into the sunlight, wear a high SPF suncream as the rays will dry out the skin and damage it. Especially if you take any medication to control those pesky spots as they make the skin more sensitive, avoiding the sun also applies to Sunbeds.

Which frankly are worse than the actual sun because the ultraviolet rays can increase your chances of getting melanoma (skin cancer) by seventy-five per cent!

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Use of cosmetics

Many people love to use makeup for confidence, to express themselves. People with acne use heavy foundations to cover up the scarring from their acne. However, a full coverage foundation can fill up pores and irritate the skin- even if you double cleanse, it’ll cause trouble for your acne. Instead of using those heavy builds of makeup, use water-based formulas of makeup. These water-based types of makeup are known as non-comedogenic.

Now for all those self-treatments that I’ve just mentioned that could help manage the many spots caused by acne, they might not work. This is possible because the intensity of your acne isn’t low and is mild or severe instead.

If your acne is one of the cases that fall in the mild or severe category, speak to your GP (if you like in America, it’s a Dermatologist.), and they’ll give you a variety of creams, gels and lotions which can help treat the breakouts.

They’ll usually recommend products that contain Benzoyl Peroxide. Although it will be at a low concentration, the Benzoyl Peroxide could bleach your clothing.

How long should I wait to see if these antibiotics work?

Many medical sites and professionals state that to see if all those creams, gels and lotions work correctly, you should wait three months to notice any results. If it helps, take a picture of the places affected every couple of weeks to see if you notice anything!

Ultimately acne can affect confidence in your body and self-esteem. However, there are many ways to manage how much those pesky spots effect and dry out the skin!

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