Reasons to Focus on Twitter and Instagram and Not Facebook

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Reasons to Focus on Twitter and Instagram and Not Facebook. Link to
Reasons to Focus on Twitter and Instagram and Not Facebook

Facebook has been around since 2004 and toppled MySpace as the most popular social media website. With sites like Tumblr trying and failing to overturn the social media giant. Facebook has slowly lost its reputation as a reliable social media platform in recent years due to many issues. On top of that, social media apps like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have become more popular amongst a younger audience. With the rest of us being seen as boomers and Karen’s for using such an outdated platform.

Whilst Facebook is still a robust platform. I will give you some reasons you should put a lot more effort into your Instagram and Twitter.

More visuals

As we become more focused on technology and our access to information gets quicker. Our attention spans get shorter, and we become less patient. Because of this, we need things that grab our attention immediately and is easy to remember. Due to this, people don’t want to be reading huge statuses with one photo.

Which is what Facebook is well known to provide. In contrast, Instagram gives you high-quality photos with simple statuses. These photos are better at grabbing the average persons attention. Because the information is presented in a more visually pleasing way is easier to remember.

This is also the same with Twitter because the text is limited to 140 characters. There’s less to read, so it’s quicker for the audience to engage with and like or retweet.

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Algorithm and monthly users

Facebook has heavy use of algorithms. It is difficult for smaller businesses to get noticed and reach their intended audience even though they have ten million active users. Whereas Instagram only has two million active users. On the surface, it seems like you’re reaching fewer people, but it is suitable for a couple of reasons!

The first is that the algorithms are less harsh, so whatever you post will reach more people. Plus, there’s less competition between advertisers and brands with fewer active users, which takes the heat off and aids your audience growth.

With Twitter, the reliance is on Hashtags more than anything. Getting this right can also increase your audience.

More authentic engagement

Because Twitter relies on you using up to one hundred and forty characters, the best thing to grow your brand is through engagement. Liking peoples tweets, retweeting them, replying to specific comments and asking for advice from your audience is always a plus. It shows your audience you and your brand cares about the services you provide.

And with this extra layer of engagement, you can change up the tone of voice and style of replies. For example, Wendy’s Twitter account is known for sarcasm and savage burns. Five years ago, talking to your demographic like that would cause a massive boycott and ruin your reputation. However, because of the language of social media, you can afford to be more savage and have more fun with it. This allows for the user’s true personality to show on the platforms, which can improve the recognisability of the brand/user. Which can also increase audience growth and the amount of engagement you get on posts.

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Better diversification of content

Facebook has tried to include other elements on its site. Such as Facebook life and stories are ultimately a copy of Instagram and at much lower quality. Plus, not many people bother watching Facebook lives or peoples stories because it’s not known for that type of content. Yet, if you were to use Instagram stories or their lives instead, Your final product would have better visual quality. You will get a bigger audience because this content is of higher quality and well known.

Although Twitter got rid of Vine in 2016, unlike Facebook, it can still handle high-quality uploads of videos. And is known for its use of fancams and other types of video content. Because of this, you can still upload thirty to sixty-second advertisements or some gif for your services. Because Twitter is known for more than its ability to pour out random sentences, the algorithm pushes the different types of content. Plus, more people seek it out and view it.

Brand ambassadors

Can you name me one influencer who advertised something on Facebook? Can you think of any influencer that mentions their Facebook anymore? No. That’s because Facebook doesn’t push photo-based content as much as it should. On top of that, Facebook is being used by younger generations less and less. With Instagram and Twitter, you can choose popular influencers to advertise your brand and products. You are improving your audience, engagement, and sales.

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Using brand ambassadors is something you can’t do as quickly on Facebook. By excluding yourself from that option, you lose an essential chunk of possible customers and advertisements.

Ultimately whilst using Facebook is well and good, and you should always have your eggs in more than one basket. It might be time to focus on your Instagram and Twitter presence more than your presence on Facebook in your advertising.

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