Wer8™ Music Review: Litanys EP ‘Adult Movies’ is it a hit or miss?

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Wer8™ Music Review: Litanys EP ‘Adult Movies’

Midnight, 12th August 2021 I was checking Twitter excitedly.

Aware any second now Litany (an indie Alt-Pop band) would be releasing their new EP entitled ‘Adult Movies.’Admittedly, with a title like that, I was a tiny bit worried about the content and the direction the EP was going in. Unaware 2 songs from the EP were already released; I loved them. There was no need to worry about the content. However, that didn’t mean there weren’t three other songs that could’ve flopped. Did adult movies live up to the hype? Let's explore the five songs on the track and decide whether ‘Adult Movies’ was another hit or a miss.


The first thing that hits you isn’t a melody or a cool beat. It's a rather direct address to the listener .‘You traced a message on my back.’ Which mixed with the intimate description, creates a nice hooking image that draws the listener in.

Then the piano (I think.) Comes in (there's definitely some use of guitar here as well.) With an instantly recognizable and infectious beat on the drums. Signaling an upbeat type of pop song. The feeling is exaggerated by the continued use of happy, relationship types of imagery. From being ‘Kissed until midday’ and reading ‘Poetry aloud.’ Then the partner had to ruin all the intimacy. ‘But then you kind of freaked out.’ Why’d you have to freak out?’

When it hits that line the launchpad effects. (I’m guessing these were created with one of those launchpad things) creates a ‘duh duh duh’ sound, that you don’t really notice until you're at that point. Then, it is noticeably at a higher tempo. Adding to the questioning nature of the lyrics.

The chorus

We then move on to the chorus. The drumbeat matches it word for word, giving the song a nice rhythm and sense of synchronicity.

As songstress Beth Cornell wonders whether she and her lover were ‘Too close to be closer. Maybe you're too young and when you're older.’ And questions whether ’You could be more than just a sleepover.’

This song isn’t just gushing over a relationship. Instead, it’s questioning the commitment issues of a partner. Given how intimate the imagery is. (Specifically verses 1 and 2) from the message on the back to ‘I think I can recall the moment I saw you fall.’ And a little bit later ‘The night you walked me home, the mood it sorta changed. You held me for too long, in a different sorta way.’

It makes us realize (or at least me. Feel free to analyze the lyrics in any way you wish.) That the freaking out from the other half feels out of place. The singer can’t seem to understand why they're being weird.

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The imagery within the lyrics helps to sell that lack of understanding and the relationship. When the bridge hits with ‘How could you 180 out the blue? How could you 180, I love you.’ You really believe the emotion and heartbreak in the lines. Especially, as the drums stop, and we are left with the repeating duh duh duh background noise from earlier. Plus, guitar or piano. Allowing the lines to breathe. Beautifully letting them be the focal point.

Ultimately. Sleepover is a brilliant song. Litany’s musical storytelling and funky beats are the perfect things to sell an upbeat end to a confusing relationship. Which makes it a great sequel to Bedroom-even if that was accidental.


Unlike Sleepover, we hear the music before the lyrics. The drumbeat and some effects (probably made on a launchpad) can be heard. Which are unusually low tempo, and down. Not low tempo and upbeat. If the video of Litany wearing a small amount of makeup, in front of a cream background wasn’t a sign you would end up sobbing. This certainly is.

The first and second verse as per usual has brilliant imagery! From ‘For a while, you were the cat that got the cream. So wide-eyed and full of curiosity to ‘For a while, you saw the wood there for the trees. So full of life, and everything was such a breeze.’ There's also some really nice rhyming going on between cream and curiosity. It really highlights Litany’s ability as a songwriter.

The Bridges of the song

Both times the bridges used are an absolute marvel! That's when the slow piano keys come in and make the song sucker punch you with sadness, grief. Whatever sad emotion that's the descriptor I’d use. This is the bridge where both Litany’s songwriting and singing ability are in perfect harmony. Her runs are perfect in ‘It's just a blip. Put your head on my shoulder’ and, in the way the music swells towards the end of the second bridge. Remaining at that level.

Whilst this is a sob fest I wouldn’t say it was one to listen to in the car. Somehow it still has a powerful aura towards it that makes you feel like climbing a mountain.

Final thoughts on Cream

If you didn’t believe Litany could pull off an emo power ballad, she can. It's amazing to see the range. And, her tackle has such a different style. It's a sad, but welcome sob fest that somehow outshines Single Player mode.

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The End

The music and the lyrics start at the same time. And if you thought the sob fest ended at Cream, oh buddy were you wrong. You can instantly tell the relationship is done by how sad the drums are and the lyrics.

‘ We used to argue about s- all the time but that night it got pretty bad...’ ‘Then with your right hand, you shook up an aerosol and covered the window in white. Outlined a heart, while we both cried along to True love will find you in the end. But I thought you were the end.’

You can instantly tell this relationship is not working. Again, Litany does some amazing things with her runs. The music swelling, once again makes you feel that void in the relationship. it truly brings you tears even in the second verse.

Throughout the entirety of this song you are willing this couple (who you don’t even know. And are sure don’t make it.) To work it out, to stay together when you hear the reminiscent lyrics of.

Imagery (again)

‘You were my shoulder to cry on when no one else was, bff until we died they called us inseparable. Got an award for it, then we made love through the night. I couldn't drive yet. And so for my birthday I got a copy of Crazy Taxi to think it's all over now. Getting drowned out to true love will find you in the end. But I thought you were the end.’

You as the listener don’t want those moments to end. The mirroring of true love will find you, in the end, brings it home. Because you’ve become attached to it, know it signals ‘the end.’ And how the relationship has come full circle. Even though you don’t want it to. The swelling drum beats and guitar that sound sad. Yet, upbeat and is slightly 80’s in the vibes. Turns this from sob fest 2: Electric Boogaloo. To an uncharacteristically happy bop, you both want to dance to and listen to, while you're driving down a highway.

The spoken word part and final thoughts

Then comes the bit that feels like it should be rap, but isn’t as fast-paced. Let alone rhymes. So it feels more like spoken word.

‘All of that good stuff overshadowed the bad. F- if it didn’t, think what I would have. Starting with five years not under your spell. You told me heaven, kept giving me hell. Now that I’m free of you I understand the manipulation don't make you the man. I won't be sad, but I know that you will. And true love will find you in the end. But I know you aren’t the end.’

Here’s where we realize why ‘The End’ went from sad power ballad to happy, upbeat 80s vibes powerhouse. The spoken singing bit (I have no idea what you call it.) works well with the guitar and the harmonization. With some really powerful imagery matched with the song references.

This is another hit power ballad Litany has in the EP.

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Happy Anniversary

We get a slow start with Happy Anniversary. With the electronic beat coming in earlier than the lyrics; it feels similar stylistically to earlier work. Such as ‘Flaws’ and ‘Work this out in that respect. The song itself is only a demo version, so it's pretty short.

Happy Anniversary has got a nice relaxing feel to it. Although, the subject matter is again about relationships and not putting effort into it. The beat and melody of it are rather relaxing and chilled.

‘Coffee shop we don't talk all evening. At four o’clock I’ll say we’ll miss the screening… You say you don’t want to see it anyway, another day, happy anniversary.’

‘Friday night we made reservations. You miss the train, two hours late I waited… Say you don’t want to be here anyway. In any case Happy Anniversary.’ You can feel an emptiness from the music; longing in the lyrics. For the singer to get something better for the anniversary present, for more effort. The music itself goes without the typical swelling drums or guitar. I think it represents this distance and works really well for the song.

While it isn’t my favorite in the tracklist it is a short hidden gem that says a lot with a little. On its own it's marvelous. And is essential to Adult Movies, I can’t Imagine the EP working without it. Although it does get overshadowed by the likes of The End and Cream.

Adult movies

In a U-turn from the sob fests, sadness, and power ballads of the EP we have Adult Movies. Which is fun, perfect for a party, bop. The music starts first in this one with a nice electronic beat, and drums with equally fun lyrics such as:

‘Last night we got so drunk, you let me give ya a haircut.’ And ‘we rented adult movies to laugh at the rude bits, of course, it led to touching. Was it such a bad thing?

Within the lyrics, there's a sense of freedom and a general carefree feeling. ‘There was a line yeah we crossed it but it seems fine coz we loved it, loved it. New year's eve you can't trust it.’

The fun feeling of this one continues throughout, with the chorus ‘it's always the quiet ones that knock you out with the kind of love. I hate to admit I feel this way.’

There are the signature electronic sounds and drum beats that are also apparent in the song. As well as Litany showing her ability to perform full and clear runs that really help bolster the track.

It's a nice break from the other sad tracks. That really helps give this song an added bit of zany fun! Which this song already had in spades.

Be prepared to want to put this song on full blast at your next party.

Final thoughts on EP overall

When I first listened to the EP, I wondered where other songs Litany had released this year like ‘Playlist’ and ‘Uh-huh’ were. However, I realized they wouldn’t work well in Adult movies at all; they are all songs that have a different tone and work better alone.

Adult Movies is a brilliant EP that showcases Beth Cornell's (Litany’s) singing and songwriting abilities. I appreciate the experimentation within the EP. I like how this has more power ballad-type stuff. Which, gives Adult Movies a nice element of depth and vulnerability that hasn’t been there before. You can really see how Litany has grown as an artist through this EP.

Adult Movie is a hit and I’d give it four stars out of five. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Listen to it here: https://open.spotify.com/album/4z4K18jaiyHHjSUthRrPC9

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