Dead Meat: Top Ten List of the Current Kill Counts!

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Dead Meat: Top Ten List of the Current Kill Counts!

Whenever we watch a horror film, we’ve always wanted to work out the number of kills and decide which one was the gruesomest and the absolute worst. For the past four years, Dead Meat has been tallying up the kills and telling us which were the goriest and which ones were uninspired.

I thought I would pick the top ten kill counts that have been uploaded. I will point out that the number of kills counted doesn’t apply to this one. Instead, I’m more looking at how James. A. Janisse presents the jokes, the spoof before the breakdown of counting and my general enjoyment. Fair to say, this count of kill counts will be biased. But feel free to tell me your list on Twitter.

1. Behind the mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Behind the mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon gets in the first place because the kill count itself pointed me in the direction of a cool, meta new horror film. Plus, James’ delivery of the kills, his analysis of the filmmaking and the jokes throughout were spot on. Also, how could I not give it first place after the funny joke before giving us a breakdown of the numbers. Where Leslie Vernon returns and insults James, the fact he got the main villain of the piece to come and do a meta sketch is one of the things that makes this a top Dead Meat Kill Count.

2. Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

I can hear every Dead Meat fan telling me Nightmare on Elm Street 3 deserves to be on the list but second? And whilst I understand. My rebuttal is it’s my list, and number two, this is one of the most iconic Nightmare on Elm Street films (besides the first). I couldn’t put it on here. Whilst Nightmare 6 gave us James saying ‘Oh no Super Freddy Sucks’ and that is funny. The third film is a better film to kill count for James and for us to watch. Plus the choice of ‘Golden Chainsaw’ was perfect.

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3. Host (2020)

Host (2020) gets 3rd place. Through the Kil Count, I found another horror movie to watch. Watching the Kill Count dispelled any negative thoughts I had towards the film. I thought it was another ‘Unfriended.’ The spoof before getting to the breakdown of the kills was excellent, With the cast members joining via Zoom for a twist on a scene in the film. However, it doesn’t beat the Leslie Vernon cameo or beat the cult classic love for the third Nightmare on Elm Street film.

4. Midsommar

The Midsommar kill count was great to watch and is one of my favorites purely for the amount of filmmaking knowledge James presented on the count. Analyzing how the cult manipulated Dani was a good reading of the film, plus seeing James in a flower crown is funny. However, the sketch before the breakdown of the kills isn’t my favorite but is still amusing.

5. Zombieland Double-Tap

The kill count for this one is in the Top 10 because of how big the body count was and for seeing how annoyed and confused James got at the kills. Also, the choice of Golden Chainsaw was another one we both agreed on.

6. Freaky

Freaky (2020) was another horror movie I was interested in but forgot. The Kill Count reinvigorated my interest to watch it. The jokes were fun, the Golden Chainsaw, but there are other Kill Counts I love more.

7. Sleepaway Camp

I had to put this one on the Top 10 list because of how much James. A. Janisse loves this horror film. You can tell from the delivery. Whilst there are other Kill Counts of his, I prefer I put this on the list just for that.

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8. Curse of Chucky

I like this kill count; it's Chucky. Of course, I would love it! I appreciate how much James loves the heroine, and I appreciate the jokes. However, I don't remember this one so well because of all of the Kill Counts on the Dead Meat channel, no matter how much I like the Child’s Play franchise.

9. Friday the 13th Part 1

The Friday the 13th Part 1 Kill Count is the beginning of the Dead Meat channel, so I have to respect it. Otherwise, we’d have no James. A Janisse gracing our Youtube every week! However, the delivery is speedy and awkward, without as much filmmaking information nor jokes. A good start, though! And it's currently being recounted, so maybe once the whole franchise is finished, the recount will make it somewhere on the list.

10. I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer

I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer is a terrible movie, but a great kill count. It’s not my favourite because the film is the worst! However, watching a kill count where James is perpetually annoyed at what he has to count will be etched into my mind forever. Also, seeing a whole movie given the award of Dull Machete has to be awarded. No matter how bad the movie is.

I hope you enjoyed reading me decide what the Top 10 Dead Meat Kill Counts are. Maybe in a month or two, I’ll revisit the list.

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